Senior citizen’s murder mystery solved finally


July 26, 2007

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The Nagpada police on Wednesday announced to have solved the murder case of a 67-year-old Parsi lady. They arrested one Faisur Ansari and have deployed a team to search for the one who planned the robbery and stabbed the two senior citizens.

On July 14, the two assailants entered the house of Coopers where Gullu Cooper and wife Ami Cooper stay with their son and daughter-in-law, under the pretext of doing some repair work. Both ladies were alone in the house, with a maid who left after finishing her chores. The assailants came after the maid had left in the afternoon and stabbed the ladies. Gullu Cooper succumbed to her injuries while her daughter-in-law has been admitted to Breach Candy hospital.

“Though properly done, the assailants had left evidence- a pair of blood-soaked trousers! The policemen checked it properly and found a note with many phone numbers. Using that as an important clue, we got the name and address of the accused and arrested him,” said Ashok Deshbhartar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone III).

“We have solved the case within a week though they did not have any direct clues and direct link except the statement of the maid and the trousers,” Deshbhartar added.

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