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Shame on Godrej Baug!

This is a note sent to us by Zubin Madon.

While the whole city is sill trying to come to terms with the horrible tragedy that struck us barely a month ago, and all the new year celebrations across the city have been cancelled, a small bunch of idiots in Godrej Baugh have decided to go ahead with their New Year bash. They even fought with the BPP trustees tooth and nail, when the latter refused to grant permission for the event.

What is truly disturbing is that Hyderabad Estate- the official residence of all top police officials- is 10 feet away from Godrej Baugh. From what I figure, a very small group of organizers have a lot of money to be made by organizing this do, and considering all other baughs have cancelled their events, most young folks will be going to the Godrej Baugh do, which makes their pot of dirty-money even larger.

Considering so many upright officers died saving our city, and the fact that their residence is a stone’s throw away from G-baugh, makes this even more repulsive. 3 young Parsis also passed away in this tragedy. Have we Parsis become so shallow and cheap that we can’t do without one silly New Year bash? Can we not show even that much respect for the people who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, saving our lousy, ungrateful backsides??? I don’t know what kind of a soul-dead, low-life, sub-human reptile you have to be to attend this event at a time like this.

I sincerely hope the residents of Godrej Baugh will do something to stop these handful of idiots from tarnishing the image of an entire community, that has a reputation of producing the greatest nationalist heroes for our motherland. WAKE UP!