Shame on Godrej Baug!

This is a note sent to us by Zubin Madon.

While the whole city is sill trying to come to terms with the horrible tragedy that struck us barely a month ago, and all the new year celebrations across the city have been cancelled, a small bunch of idiots in Godrej Baugh have decided to go ahead with their New Year bash. They even fought with the BPP trustees tooth and nail, when the latter refused to grant permission for the event.

What is truly disturbing is that Hyderabad Estate- the official residence of all top police officials- is 10 feet away from Godrej Baugh. From what I figure, a very small group of organizers have a lot of money to be made by organizing this do, and considering all other baughs have cancelled their events, most young folks will be going to the Godrej Baugh do, which makes their pot of dirty-money even larger.

Considering so many upright officers died saving our city, and the fact that their residence is a stone’s throw away from G-baugh, makes this even more repulsive. 3 young Parsis also passed away in this tragedy. Have we Parsis become so shallow and cheap that we can’t do without one silly New Year bash? Can we not show even that much respect for the people who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, saving our lousy, ungrateful backsides??? I don’t know what kind of a soul-dead, low-life, sub-human reptile you have to be to attend this event at a time like this.

I sincerely hope the residents of Godrej Baugh will do something to stop these handful of idiots from tarnishing the image of an entire community, that has a reputation of producing the greatest nationalist heroes for our motherland. WAKE UP!

  • Shiraz D Gotla

    If this message says shame on Godrej baug then you should even say shame on the Taj mahal Hotel and the trident for opening up their doors for christmas and new year celebrations.

    We in Godrej baug strongly condemn the terrorists attacks and are in total sympathy with the members of our community who have lost their lives but we refuse to bow down to these people whose very purpose it was to paralyse life in Mumbai city.

    All these years we have been having bomb blasts, and riot incidents, godhra incident, Ahmedabad riots, Tsunami, and daily hundreds are dying in the beautiful valley of kashmir, Have we ever thought of mourning for them and not holding any functions?

    All the celebrations were on in full blast when the Tsunmai struck —- but I suppose thats Ok because it was a natural calamity——- Are you aware that a family of 6 (the Fouzdars) parsees died in the unfortunate natural disaster and yet that that time no one condemned the celebrations.

    What shocks me is that the same hippocrites will have private parties and enjoy in the privacy of their homes but do not have the balls to come for an open festivity.

    What cowards.

    And please next time when you make an accustation on making money and filling coffers by a few please substantiate the same with proof or hold your peace and do not cause more problem.

    This is just for the knowledge of the few hyppocrites, I the writer Mrs. Shiraz D. Gotla was personally present at the Trident on that fateful day 26th Nov for a presentation on the Italian roadshow but fortunately left a little earlier from that place and yet i feel that life must go on.

    In case you have not viewed the TV today Mr. Tata clearly says ITS TIME TO MOVE ON. WE ARE DOWN BUT NOT OUT.



    may wisdom prevail on you.

  • Shiraz D Gotla

    Please note that further to the earlier message your facts are totally distorted, hyderabad estate does not house police officers but instead it has income tax officers and custom officers and central govt officials residing there.

    Its rather strange that no one condemned the function held only two days back to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Jokhi Agiary which culminated in a programme and great Khani Peeni. Everyone was present , even those who sent negative vibes for the 31st programme, but strange that they ate and drank and made merry on that very day in the name of religion but are making a fuss about the 31st party.

    Wake up fellas we have to move on with our lives and be practical.
    The show must go on. We are a very progresive community, its sad if a few foolish ones want to give it a title of being a regressive community.

    We are indians first so lets show solidarity to all those who suffered and not just to the ones in Mumbai.

    Lets bring in 2009 with joy and peace in our hearts and love for all mankind.

  • Shiraz D Gotla

    Oh just for your information please note that Taj & Trident are both having a big bash on the 31st december charges starting from Rs. 8500/- to Rs.25,000/- per head at their various restaurants currently open to show and to prove to the world that our spirit is not broken.

    If you have the f—–g guts then write to them you bloody coward with your name. You are an ideal candidate to be brain washed who has no mind of his own.

  • Shiraz D Gotla

    I am replying to you paragraph by paragraph, because i dont have so much time at my disposal to sit at a stretch. Now here’s to you a brain dead, regressive, zero IQ, moron who probably is living in the stoneage and not in todays modern world.

    Also please note that someone who does not mention their names when sending such message are nothing better than gutter snipes, worms born in the very snake pits with brains and minds that are all coiled up and are afraid to give their names.

    Now for some more infromation, I am a part time visiting lecturer at the Sophia College (Hotel Management Institute) lecturing the final year students of the HAFT. I give them an insight into the world of travel and update them on the basics of the Travel Industry. A young student of my class Mr. Sadanand Patil fell to the terrorist attack at the Taj Mahal on that day.

    This incident shook me to the very core, it broke the morale of the students, but they have all decided to go on, they are the same fun loving students, eager to get on with their lives and though this incident is going to be etched forever on their minds it is not going to stop them from their career options. Their spirit cannot be defeated.
    So wake up mr., mrs, ms. whoever you are you.

  • Zubin Madon

    Thanks for your reply Shiraz. Your point about the “spirit cannot be defeated” may be correct, but considering every other Hotel and Club has canceled their events while we are going ahead with it does seem inappropriate.

    I guess all your arguments may have been valid if the venue was not bang opposite the Central Govt. employee quarters where so many cops stay. Even if you don’t think it is insensitive, it is a very politically incorrect thing to do.

    The Hotels have opened to the guests, but I think all of them have canceled the New Year bash nevertheless.

    PS: My name appears right above the article. Read the first line.

  • Zubin Madon

    The Hyderabad Estate is the residence of not only income tax employees but top cops under the Central Govt too. I could give you names and ranks if you wish.

    Your comment: “We are a very progresive community…”

    I don’t know how some restraint on our part at a time like this would make us “regressive”, but thats a very warped analogy.

  • Meherzad Davar

    Dear Shiraz,

    While to an extent your views could be considered, it is your justifications that makes one question the original motives

    By claiming the Taj and the Oberoi are charging X amount of money for their functions, you have admitted that this has very little to do with the ‘spirit of bombay’ and more to do with ‘the moolah’… fair enough, nobody is judging you nor is it a crime to make money but using instances like the fauzdar family’s loss to justify your actions is going a tad bit overboard.

    Then again that’s what I personally think and not everybody shares my views.

    Warm Regards,
    Meherzad H. Davar

  • R. Talati

    Shiraz Gotla,
    Thank you for bearing the onus of taking our community forward into the new year. May I remind you that our “progress” lies in being in line with the sentiments of the people of this city.

    Digressing a bit from topic; your comments remind me of another group of (mis)adventurous Progressive Parsis of the pre-independence era, who took the lead in welcoming the British royalty on their visit to the city, at a time when the whole country was galvanized in agitation against the colonial rule. These “progressive parsis” were then thrashed to pulp on their way home at Girgaum. It almost led to a communal riot. I hope you do not lead us down a similar road in your pursuit of progress.

    God save our people from such air-heads who equate a senseless, obnoxious display of jubilation as a mark of progress.

    I agree with Mr. Davar, it is all about the moolah.

  • Farhad Hozdar

    Dear All,

    I fully subscribe to the views of Shiraz (her reply to the first mails of the reptile) and Arzan. I was also one of the representatives present at the meeting with the Hon. Trustees and our presentation was precicise to the point and full of our own conviction. We believe in democracy each one of us have aright to express our sentiments and point of view. The Hon. Trustees also put forward their views and we appreciate they upheld democratic values and accepted our views.

    I too strongly believe that we should move forward, in any sphere of life the show must go on. You are requested to refer to page 2 of Times of India dated December 25, 2008 where under the heading ” Torn between partying and mourning” where in the very respected Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has so very well stated “…….. celebration alone can pull you out of your grief.”

    The programme ensures that our Members and Residents and Youth in particular are safe by enjoying within the colony and do not have to venture out, which in any case they would in the absence of a programme within.

    We respect the sentiments of people who think otherwise but their views should not be forced upon every one, we are all like the five fingers of hand, different shapes and size but when we close them into a fist we become one. Let us stand united. We should extend each other the courtesy to agree to disagree.

    My good wishes to one and all, Smiles Joy and Cheers 2009


    Farhad Hozdar

    Dear All,

    I reproduce a email below which has been circulating in the elcectronic media, a mail written by a nameless person who is ill informed about facts,a idiotice ,physcho soul-dead, low-life, sub-human reptile who wants to create fiction through his mails. His character and culture and his family upbringing can be guaged by the language used. But thats not what my mail is all about.My response is to clear the misunderstandings in the mind of people for Godrej Baug.
    1. There are no police officers nor army personnel staying in HYD estate as claimed in the mail below.The people staying are Central and state givernment and Income Tax officials.
    2. The Godrej Baug association never faught tooth and nail with the Trustees as claimed by the nut who wrote that mail. Do we not go for Navjotes ,marriages where there is music played and not go for movies and functions.I was present in the meeting and we put forward our point of view to the Trsutees which was accepted by them.
    3.We are not doing this aimed at making money. We have planned to donate a sum from the proceeds to people affected during the terrorist attack. We dont beleive in holding candles and forming a human chain to show solidarity.Does it help the victim and their family members by doing this.The only people who are going to benefit are the candle manufacturers. Please stop this hypocricy and go out and help the victims financially instead of holding candles and creating a fear physosis.
    4. By mourning we are showing our helplesness to those people who are funding terrorism. Show them that we are made of much stronger stuff and get up and start as if this never took place for the SHOW MUST GO ON. If people still feel that they should continue with these sensless hypocricy please go ahead and stay at home but please do not force others to do so. Taj and Trident in a short span of time have got back to normal and business is back as usual.
    5. If other baugs have cancelled their celebrations it is for various other reasons and it is their decision and it is not neccesary that we follow suit. We dont follow others ,We lead for others to follow.

    I am open to suggestions and criticism as we live in a democracy but let it be logical and healthy and not coming from nameless faceless scums who create fictitious email id’s and write mails without facts and create issues within the our community.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year including the physcho soul-dead, low-life, sub-human reptile who wrote the mail which is reproduced below.



  • Firdaus Variava

    You must take care when reporting any story to put down the facts without being seen to be taking sides. Otherwise, sadly your publication will not be taken seriously by the mainstream Parsi population. Also, avoid invective and things that can be seen as libellious. Remember, Parsis can and will sue each other at the drop of a hat….and let their grandchildren take care of the court cases when they finally come up!!

  • It is for the very reason that parsis are becoming unpatriotic i have distanced myself from them & also some parsis here in Muscat specially working in Oman Shapoorji are even dirty minded as they were taking the side of the Pakistanis instead of taking the side of the mother country who gave them indentity as Indians. Its the biggest Shame on we Parsis.
    I am really fortunate enough that i am a supporter of BJP which is fighting for the self Pride of we Indians were as these shameless parsis are un patriotic.
    I am really thankfull to my Late Parents that i was allow to get married outside the parsee comunity, today i am really happy with my hindu wife & daughter.
    Hope that those staying & Working in Oman Shapoorji will see the writings on the wall or else it will be too late for themselves as the long arms of the Indian Laws will catch up them sooner or later.
    I would kindly request those parsees to leave the shore of my beautiful mother country & to settle down in the hell of a country named Pakistan then they are free to criticise my India. But they will have to carry the tratiors Label till they die.
    Jai Hind.
    ronnie Adit & Shilpa Patel.