Terror Attacks in Mumbai

We at Parsi Khabar express our utter condemnation towards the events of last nite and early today. The terror attacks against the citizens of this city is something that is to be abhored.

We hope that all our readers and their friends and family are safe.

Our condolences to the 80+ people who have lost their lives.

This attack on our city rivals or surpasses the attacks of March 1993 and 2003-2004.

Terrorism raises its ugly head once more in our city, India’s financial and commercial capital. In the days to come we hope that justice will be swift and ruthless. In the meantime, our hearts, prayers and thoughts go out to those who have lost their lives and all the citizens of this great city.

P.S. We rarely comment on day to day news that does not have a Parsi link. However these are exceptional times and hence we make exceptions.

  • rustom

    There was a very painfull comment on one of the news channels by someone who is supposed to be a advertising guru’
    He commented on the killings of ATS Chief, Mr Salaskar and the other senior police officer.
    His comment or line was’ what were these guys thinking..to go in without proper backup or protection.His comments also hinterd at bullet proof jackets.

    The statement is as demeaning as the terrorist attacks.All three senior officers killed were maturedly graduated to their posts by years of experience and were not at all likely to have done it to’prove themselves heros’
    Infact they were most probably thinking of saving lives of innocent citizens and didnt care for their own.They probabaly hadnt had time to.

    If they wouldnt have acted and waited for backup, they would have been brandished as having avoided their duty..mainly by such armchair opinion givers who at best are good for coments only on page 3.
    Ironically such are given a podium to voice their opinion which emerges from total lack of judgement, being divorced from reality of police/armed forces personell’s principles and their lives in general.

    The statement also showed lack of courage on part of the person as the timing coincided wth less than half a day since they were martyered.
    What say Alaque?

  • Jay

    I have heard from friends that at least 10 parsi youth have been killed. I dont want to start rumors but the sources are rather credible. I do have a name of one of the deceased but dont think its appropriate posting here. I will update here if I have more information. If this is indeed the case I highly doubt that only 125 total have been killed…

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all in Bombay.