Why gatecrash a Bawa lagan? Parsi bhonu…


August 20, 2007

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The minute you told someone you were Parsi, they’d crib about how they never got invited to Bawa weddings, their only chance at nirvana after downing Patra ni Machchi. The load on our conscience is off now with restaurants serving traditional Parsi food. On the occasion of Navroze, we tell you where you can eat like a true blue Bawa

On your menu today Kashmiri Pulao Dal

The good ol’ Sassanian, an Irani café as old as the hills, may have been given a makeover, when it was turned into a boulangerie, serving puffs, pizzas and sandwiches, but the Mawa and Madeira cakes are still to kill for.

For lunch, try their fragrant Kashmiri Pulao Dal and Sali ma Chicken. You can’t call it a day without digging into the Lagan nu Custard (sinful bread and milk baked custard served at Parsi weddings.)

How to get there

Sassanian Boulangerie, opposite Liberty theatre lane, Dhobitalao. Call 22006198

Drop in to savour Bawa food to live music

The South Mumbai watering hole is serving some Parsi dishes, with their usual spread of salads, pates and cold cuts, to live cha cha and retro beats by Andrea and Kieran.

At Starters & More, Eros building, Churchgate. Buffet dinner for Rs 750. Unlimited alcohol and mocktails. Call 66315871

Here’s where you can get take-aways

This is one of those overlooked joints, that you’d know of only if you were a Bawa. It’s made its way in here because the food tastes good, it’s fresh, and affordable. Their takeaway menu for New Year includes Lagan nu Stew (Rs 30), Chicken and Cheese Russian Patties (Rs 20), Mutton Sali Boti (Rs 45), Special Mutton and Chicken Pulav Dal (Rs 65), Chicken

Farcha (Rs 40).

At Roshni Food Point, near Dadyseth Agiary, Fort. Call 9969076087

On your menu today Berry Pulav, Mutton Cutlets in Gravy

If you haven’t heard stories about Boman Kohinoor’s famed Berry Pulav, you aren’t a true Mumbaikar. The 83 year-old Britannia & Co. at Ballard Estate has long booked a place in the city’s gourmet history, and while the customers may have changed, and the pet cock that once majestically perched itself on the cash counter next to Boman, may have long departed, the Chicken Berry Pulav enigma continues.

It’s open only for lunch because “my sons, workers and I want a life beyond work”, Kohinoor says. Britannia dishes out finger-licking Parsi dishes like Sali Murghi (Rs 150), a tomato-based chicken gravy dish, and Mutton Cutlets in Tomato Gravy.

But, it’s a signature Persian dish that grabs all the attention. “It is my late wife Bachan’s secret recipe,” he says, about the plate heaped with spicy pilaf, seasoned with cashews, fried onions and berries imported from Iran (Rs 170). Wash it down with a Rasberry, the true Bawa’s favourite pink cola.

How to get there

Sprott Road, Ballard Estate. Open from 10 am to 3.30 pm. Call: 30225264, 22615264

Drop in for Bapaiji na Bhida ma Kolmi

Okay, that’s not an alliteration. It’s a dish, which when translated means, “Prawns in Lady Finger, the way grandma makes it”. We Bawas can’t do without meat, so, even a mundane lady finger preparation must have a carnivore twist. There’s also the better known Patra ni Macchi (fish stuffed with chutney, steamed in banana leaves), and Bhunjeli Gos ni Taang (Roasted mutton leg). Wrap it up with Choka ni Kheer, Lagan nu Custard and Parsi Sev.

At Konkan Café, Taj President. Lunch and dinner buffet priced at

Rs 1,295+ taxes. For reservation call 66650808

On your menu today Saas ni Machhi, Lagan nu Achar

The Saas ni Machchi is a sumptuous traditional Parsi dish, that I believe, has been consistently handed the step-motherly treatment, often being denied its due thanks to Patra ni Machchi’s monopoly.

It’s made up of pomfret slices soaked in a subtle tangy, white sauce. Jimmy Boy does justice to it. Have it with hot rotlis (rice flour chapatis) and Saria (sabudana chips).

Their Navroze menu also includes Sali Murghi, Sali Gosht, Mutton, and Chicken Pulav Dal. Make sure you ask for the Lagan nu Achar (sweet-spicy pickle served at weddings).

How to get there

Jimmy Boy, 11 Bank Street, off Horniman Circle, Fort. Call 22700880