Adil Dalal Awarded the 2014 Shingo Award


May 20, 2014

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The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence by Adil Dalal Awarded the Prestigious 2014 Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award.

12 Pillars Shingo & Axiom Awards_1 Author Adil Dalal was presented with the prestigious 2014 Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award for his work “The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence” by Dr. Kenneth Snyder, Executive Dean & Chief Administrative Officer of Utah State University, at the 26th Annual Shingo Conference in OH. Dalal is the CEO and President at Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl®, LLC.  This is the second award for Dalal and he was previously awarded the 2013 Axiom Award Medal for this book.  The Shingo award is named after Dr. Shigeo Shingo, distinguished Japanese industrial engineer, who was one of the chief architects of the Toyota Production System.  The award recognizes authors who have contributed important insights and have developed breakthrough innovative applications of lean principles.  According to Robert Miller, executive director of the Shingo Institute, “Receipt of the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award signifies authors’ significant contribution to the body of knowledge surrounding enterprise excellence; the intent is to motivate others to learn from them.”

The Shingo Board of Examiners appraised Dalal’s work as “scholarly” and “scientific”.   They commented that, “The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence book has a very practical approach to applying lean principles in project improvement. The book is written so each subject is covered in depth and consolidated to that topic only. Case studies throughout each pillar are very well laid out in an understandable manner. The book is a practical guide and indeed a scholarly work.  Examiners believe readers will gain transformational insight into why projects failed in the past, and therefore provide the skills needed for change agents to be successful.  The 12 Pillars starts with two basic premises—one, the company needs to address its processes and business practices, and two, the individual needs to improve their personal performance and become a project leader instead of a project manager. This dual focus on the company and the individual certainly provides the depth for the individual and the leadership of the company in this improvement process. The concepts ‘analyze past successes and failures’ and then ‘learn forward’ represents the use of the scientific method.”  The Shingo Board of Examiners also complimented the book on its forward thinking approach and advised organizations that, “It will take a company with a level of humility to be honest with themselves to use the book to its fullest advantage. With this humility, this book can have a remarkable impact.”

Adil_Dalal_2013 - 2 The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence was published in 2011 by Taylor and Francis Group and the team which worked with Dalal on publishing the book also had some great comments for the book and the author.  Michael Sinocchi, Executive Editor, Taylor and Francis Group says, “Many books have been written about achieving more effective results from special projects but few address the core of powerful project leadership. Adil Dalal fully explains the differences and importance of project leadership over mere project management. He understands that organizations must develop a ‘project culture’ that thoroughly transcends traditional managing and trafficking. I had the pleasure to work with Adil Dalal throughout the development of this book – he is indeed the consummate professional, and his genuine leadership and coaching skills were crucial assets throughout the entire editorial and production processes.”

Stephanie Morkert, Project Coordinator at Taylor and Francis Group says, “In the 12 Pillars of Project Excellence, Adil Dalal has broken the mold and methodically teaches us how to become project leaders; not just managers.  It is a compelling book for professionals and novices, individuals and corporations, there is something for everyone and every page is thought provoking!  Adil Dalal has a powerful, positive energy about him and his book reflects this.  He thinks “big” and with these special qualities, he is able to impart to his readers the very essence of the book…the sky is the limit― reach for it!”

Dalal was very appreciative of this honor bestowed by the Shingo Institute on his first book as an author and commented, “The Shingo Research and Publication Award is considered the epitome of excellence in lean publications.  I am truly humbled by this award as and it is truly an honor to be connected with Dr. Shingo’s great legacy.”  He added, “I believe that with this book I am just breaking ground for my long-term vision of harnessing the power of lean technology.  In this book, I identify ‘lean thinking’ as one of the five powers of great leaders. My ultimate vision is to integrate lean into the lives of every individual and into the operations of every corporation and nation on this planet – this will be the only way to ensure that we make the optimal use of human potential and other limited environmental resources.”

Adil Dalal is the CEO and Founder of Pinnacle Process Solutions International ®, LLC, past-Chair, Human Development & Leadership division of ASQ, an author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and radio show host. He is also the author of ‘A Legacy Driven Life’ and co-author of the Lean Handbook, published by ASQ and ‘Change Your World So You Can Change the World’, published by the Public Speakers Association. For more information kindly e-mail or visit