Bapsi Sidhwa: Those who adore Pakistan are hurt


March 13, 2013

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Bapsi Sidhwa is one of the most celebrated English writers of our times from this part of the world and she is the daughter of Lahore who has introduced Pakistan and made it proud across the world with her novels.

Printed in the News International Pakistan

This was the consensus among the participants in a book launch organized by the publishers of Bapsi Sidhwa’s two books “Their Language of Love” & Janglewala Sahib, Urdu translation of her novel the Croweaters.

The ceremony was graced by Bapsi Sidhwa, Intizar Hussain, Bano Qudsia, Mustansar Hussain Tarar, Justice (r) Javaid Iqbal, Khalid Ahmed, Dr Shaista Siraj and others.

The speakers paid tribute to Bapsi for her contribution towards making the Parsi culture, customs and civilization accessible to the world and termed her as one of the most celebrated and prolific writers of our times, specially in the subcontinent.

Justice(r) Javaid Iqbal said he had been a close friend of Bapsi and her family and had known her since a very long time. He said Bapsi introduced Pakistan in the West.

He also expressed remorse over the prevailing situation in Pakistan and said that it was not the same Pakistan which had been perceived and made by its founders.

He also expressed the need for a comparative study of other religions so that the people could understand other religions and come closer to each other for a better and humanistic and peaceful society.

Intizar Hussauin said Bapsi was introduced to him a long time back by Ishfaq Ahmed. He said Bapsi had made the otherwise closed Parsi community accessible to the world and she had brought the Parsi culture and civilization closer to people through her novels.

Bano Qudsia said Bapsi was a bold woman and she met her for the first time when Bapsi went to their home to get her first book (The Croweaters) published. Qudsia said that no publisher at that timer was willing to publish Bapsi’s book and finally this brave girl got her book published herself with her own resources.

Mustansar Hussain Tarar read out his essay “Bapsi Is Not a Bubble” in which he had given a detailed account of Bapsi’s brilliance as a prolific, rebellious and a genuine writer.

In her short note of thanks, Bapsi expressed her remorse over the highly disturbing and condemnable incident of Badami Bagh and said, “There are reasons not to smile these days because of what happened at Badami Bagh.” She further added, “Who adored Pakistan are hurt for what is done to Pakistan.” She thanked all the literary and social entities for showering their praises on her

Nadia Jameel, the compere of the entire ceremony also readout from the book. A large number of people attended the ceremony.