February 28, 2023

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This Valentine month author, former flight attendant and columnist, Kainaz Jussawalla’s fun, crazy and action packed memoir “ Who wants to marry Kai Juicewalla?”( one life, many loves, endless misadventures) will be available on Amazon and then as major bookstores in March.

As the title suggests, this book outlines her rollercoaster journey to meet her ideal soulmate in this chaotic and imperfect world.

The challenges that she encounters in the course of this journey, including childhood body shaming memories, loneliness, and how she overcomes the limitations and obstacles and creates a life of meaning, laughter and depth ….all presented in a humorous style with the unique Parsi touch.

Parsi grand mothers , khana peena, the famous eedas and ovaryus, adorable censored words, funny community characters, makes up the Parsi elements in this book.

Mr Kabir Bedi released the book at the Delhi launch on February 19th.

The book has been endorsed by Farah Khan Cyrus Broacha Sonu Sood and several others and promises to be a very bold and delightfully inspiring read .

Available on amazon : Who Wants To Marry Kai Juicewalla?: One life, Many loves, Endless (Mis)adventures

One life, Many Loves, Endless Misadventures!

The new book in town that is about to create waves. the latest book of Kainaz Jussawalla, her memoir, “Who wants to marry Kai Juicewalla” is set to release in this month of Valentine.

A racy, candid and juicy read published by Om Books International, promises to be a complete entertainer with the well known Parsi tongue in cheek humour, adventurous tales from the protagonist of her single life and her hunt of the non-existent perfect dude.

So, buckle up for a wild ride of your life.

Represented by the Book Bakers Literary agency, Kainaz Jussawalla gives us some exciting snippets from her book and her life. Here are some interesting facts that Kainaz revealed during a recent conversation:


Describe Kai Juicewalla in the book and Kainaz Jussawalla in real life in three words

A: Insane. Unpredictable. Unstoppable.

You were a flight attendant for an International airline for a long time. How much did that influence you in your writing?

A: Quite a bit. It’s been a major part of my life. Few of my travel escapades which is the fun part of the book is because of my life as a crew for an International airline. But it’s all off the plane, not on it. Rome, Barcelona, Sydney, London…the book takes you on a journey with my traveling gals in tow.

The book is about love, relationships, body positivity and mental health, tell us what made you write these topics and how important they are

A: Love and relationships are favourite topics in the entire world . We are discussing it all the times. Over coffee, over meals, on the phone, in our minds, in our blogs, with our friends….until our ears fall off!

We live for Love . We love, we fall and crash, we still get up and love again .

Why? Because no person is a lone wolf no matter what they tell you .

Deep within we all need love . If not from another human then a pet or a plant too.

Love not only makes the world spin, it turns us all upside down.

It brings out our gentleness and at the same time it can turn you into a monster.

Body positivity is close to me . I speak on various forums about it.

I have gone through immense issues in my teenage years and lost friends because I wasn’t good enough in their eyes . Actually, I barely made any. There were a few but I preferred my books and writing .I had my own friends in those pages .

Such things affect your mental well- being as a kid because at the end of the day we are social animals and being an outcast is really tough. Especially when you get teased or subtly bullied .These topics of mentalhealth need to be addressed at an earlier stage of life , make it a subject in school . The statistics regarding depression and anxiety speaks for itself .

Children with such problems rarely become healthy individuals . They are scarred for life .

What impresses you in people?

A: Sweet simplicity in a person. What also impresses me are people who are trying hard to make it big on their own. And those who show their emotions, sensitive to their surroundings, without judging others, they impress me a lot. Egos are a big put off.

I guess I reflect these characteristics, so I like them in others too.

Three lessons one can learn from the book

A: Be honest with yourself . It means do whatever you want to do without thinking what others may think of you . You are not sheep, so stop following those herds.

Let your actions speak. Take time out from your social niche and impressing others and focus on your goals. That’s what I did.

Keep patience and be kind.

A message for the readers

A: Chase dreams , not people .

Value yourself. Know your worth . Set boundaries . Be original. And live your best life.

Never forget you roots and who stood by you before you were successful. Those are the real people in your life. My book is all about that. Friendships, family and a lots of relationship drama. And of course, finding yourself through it all.

Written and Curated by: Vidhya Thakkar for The Daily Guardian