City of Thieves by Cyrus Mevawalla


July 10, 2009

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Cyrus Mevawalla a.k.a Cyrus Moore is a UK-born Parsi whose first book was recently published in the UK.

City_of_Thieves_Cover City of Thieves abstract:

Nic Lamparelli works for a leading US investment bank in London. Starting at the bottom, he rises rapidly through the ranks to reach the pinnacle of his profession. Even at the top, he holds true to his principles while those around him abandon theirs. And that’s what makes him special. Soon he has it all: a beautiful girl, a high-flying career, an overpaid City job with a reputation as one of the bank’s star analysts.

Then one day he wakes up to find that things can go wrong – fast.

His closest childhood friend Jack, also a star in the City, uncovers a plot to implicate Nic in an insider trading ring. And that is just the start. Before long, everything Nic has built up starts to crumble to pieces: his relationship, his career, his reputation. But can he hold true to his principles in the face of everything? Or will he succumb to temptation like so many others …?

Cyrus_mountain_full_face More about Cyrus from his website

Cyrus Moore is the writing name of Cyrus Mewawalla, who was born in 1966 in Farnborough, England. He was educated at St Mary’s International School, Tokyo and at Dulwich College, London. In 1988, he graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Economics.

In 2002, after 14 years in the City, he left corporate banking to start a small research house with the objective of providing truly independent investment research, untainted by the conflicts of interest that have so badly tarnished the reputations of rival research analysts within larger investment banks. In 2006, Bloomberg ranked him the number one telecom analyst in the UK.

His first novel, City of Thieves, is a controversial City thriller set in London in the days leading up to the credit crunch. The novel tells the story of one man’s fight to protect his honour in a world where honour holds no value.

Cyrus lives in London with his wife and two children.

Currently the book is available only in the UK.