Coffee days champagne nights and other secrets by Kainaz Jussawalla


June 17, 2018

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Author Kainaz Jussawalla informs us….

‘We all have deep dark secrets …..’’

That is  the crux of my first  novel published by Crossword  book stores in June 2017

It was followed by a massive book launch in July 2017 and Javed Akhtar who was the chief guest praised it and spoke of the book and the author in a flattering yet typical humorous style .

The book itself comprises of Seven short stories that will take you to the edge of your seat .

They all have an interesting unexpected climax .

All seven narratives are Women centric, dark,  intriguing and deal with the polarities of the human mind. 

Dark vs light . Jekyll vs Hyde.

Angra Mainyu and spenta mainyu In Parsi terminology .

Full of twists and turns my novel was number nine on the crossword best seller list last year 

It has also been published in Braille as a self endeavour and is sent across all Braille libraries in India . Tanya Balsara daughter of Sam Balsara launched the Braille version along with Javed saab.

I also conducted a small reading at the Victoria memorial Tardeo.

Being an International cabin crew, travelling and meeting people has only added to my unconventional, unique habit of story telling .

I am currently on my second completed fiction novel and an on going third non fiction one.

Since I have been an ex journo with Savvy and free lancer at TOI , debonair , a Bandra buzz columnist , my past life writing experience holds me well .

Radio channels did interviews before and after the launch too as well, covering my poetry’s in one and an interview with RJ Hrishikay in the other .

Ndtv covered  the book release .

Few celebs helped me promote my book.

Parsis of face book whom I have never met in my life have given me such unconditional support that it further enhances my certainty that there is no community like us .

My Grand mother Sheroo who was the wise bird and a super story teller has been my inspiration and pulled along till 103 to see this day