Daily Prayers of The Zoroastrian: A Prayer Book


January 31, 2018

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Jiloo Billimoria writes in informing us about a book that she has reprinted.


I have recently reprinted the prayer book shown in the picture above. 

It is a wonderful translation & transliteration of the Daily Zoroastrian prayers into simple  English with meanings and  insightful explanatory notes which, when read along with the daily prayers, gave me a new joy of understanding, comprehending and analysing, rather than simply reciting by rote the words that I knew out of habit.

I strongly feel that Framroz Rustomjee’s timelessly relevant words of advice stand good for all of us, be it parents teaching their children the Navjote prayers or adults seeking to understand the philosophy of Zoroastrianism better.

It is available for Rs 200 at the Parsiana bookshop, Zoroastrian Studies bookshop and & Minoi Meher outside the Anjuman Atashbehram in Mumbai. Or contact me by e mail :  jiloob@gmail.com

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.

Jiloo Billimoria