Learning Parsipanu: A Book Review


March 19, 2012

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LEARNING ‘PARSIPANU’ with Meher & Sarosh

by Silloo Mehta

350 pages, richly illustrated, hardbound

Published by The Mazdayasnie Connection November 2011

This unique wonderful book meant for parents and children is a visual delight. It is a fun filled treasure trove of religiosity and knowledge. Silloo Mehta has authored several illustrated books such as Navjote and Sudreh Kushti, Atesh, Faridoon Conquers Zohaak, Asho Zarathushtra and his Gathas great, Thus Spake the Magavs.

Vada Dasturji Kaikhushroo Navroz Dastur Meherjirana in his foreword to this book states: “The beauty of this book lies in its style of presentation. Each topic is presented in the form of a dialogue between children and parents and a religious teacher in simple easy to understand language. It is a garden of information and knowledge with chapters devoted to prophet Zarathushtra, Amesha Spentas, Shah Nameh, Iranian history and culture. Special sections for parents titled Raising Faith-Filled kids suggests everyday activities for parents to sow the seeds of faith in their children.”

This book consists of 18 chapters divided into four sections: 1. Main text related to chapter title. 2. Workpaper section with exercises that challenge the readers and provide a fun way of learning religion. 3. Living My Faith section suggests activities to reinforce what they have learnt. 4. Raising Faith Filled Kids is a practical guide to instill devotion, faith and Zarathushtrian values in their children.

This book will help awaken readers to put into practice their religion in their daily life. The author Silloo Mehta deserves to be congratulated for putting together this lovely book with eye catching colour illustrations. Jenaz Printers too deserves credit for excellent quality printing. Priced at Rs.1,500/- it is a steal. Go for it.

Available from Marzban J. Giara, Dhanmai Building, 667, Lady Jehangir Road, Dadar, Mumbai 400014. e-mail: marzbang@gmail.com or Parsiana book shop Tel. 22074335.