The First Navjote: A Book By Ava Mehta.


July 3, 2016

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‘The First Navote ‘ is a new book written by Ava Mehta for both children and their families  in the same style as her first very successful book, now in 4 th edition ‘The story of the religion, Zoroastrianism.’ The first Navjote portrays the  journey Zarathushtra makes to King Vishtaspa’ s kingdom to spread the Good message and his encounter with the different characters he comes across with at the court of the King and Queen. Within the tale are also two fictitious princesses to make the story more accessible and interesting for younger children to understand Zarathushtra’s teachings as also the Power of prayer and the essence of why we as Zoroastrians say our Navjote prayers explained in a simplistic manner that children can relate to.

image1In a communique with Parsi Khabar, Ava writes

What can I say except that as far back as I can remember I was forever busy. I loved to lose myself in being inventive and to illustrate and create with whatever resources I could lay my hands on. I was always in trouble for opening out pillows for stuffing, and using lampshades for costumes, tights for making pet friends etc. And if anything was missing around the home, I had it with me as a resource to use for my next creation.

I also really loved teaching; my first pupils were the very toys I made, then my long suffering pets, and later my friends in the various cities we kept moving to with my father’s constant transfers all over the world. Whom so ever would be patient enough to endure me as ‘teacher’ were my pupils. Many of my friends are now architects and engineers and they say it is all down to my ‘tuition’ from long ago days. Children just loved my lessons but parents were not so keen as my teaching of spellings was atrocious! However the talent for teaching remained and I did my teacher training in Loreto House Calcutta, India and passed with distinction. In the UK I trained to be a Rudolf Steiner Teacher and then went on to work at many prestigious schools in Central London and later obtained an honours degree in Early Years Education and subsequently gained Early Years Professional Status. In between teaching I also ran many successful craft clubs for children and their families in London.

My job as an educator today allows me the freedom to teach children creatively through play and the outdoors and to impart information in the most creative way. Writing and illustration, making craft projects, drama and composing songs for children are yet other ways I gain enjoyment and truly relax. Now that my very own ‘real princesses’ are in university, I once again have that little extra time to put pen to paper and scribe and draw once more. My previous book ‘The Story of Our Religion Zoroastrianism’ is now in its 4th edition and I have frequently been asked to write book No. 2 so here it finally is. ENJOY!

Ava Mehta is a very experienced teacher in London and her style of imparting information though the creativity of her writing and illustrations makes the reader of any age want to devour her books and want to know more!

Her book can be purchased now through the e mail or on the 20 th of July 2016 onwards from Amazon.




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