The Shoonyam Quotient by Dr. Mickey Mehta


November 23, 2017

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Our dear friend and India’s finest health guru Dr. Mickey Mehta recently launched a new book titled “The Shoonyam Quotient: The Light of Life” published by Penguin Books, India. The book is available on Amazon India and on

1176110558The Shoonyam Quotient:

Today life is led on the circumference; barely aware of the space within-and the centre of it all is of course, nowhere in sight! Mind blossoms when it stops roving and starts rooting itself in absolute emptiness; this is Shoonyam-ness. The singular yet omnipresent point in time and space which births possibilities; an elusive yet elementary state of being in which your entire universe can disappear and re-appear at will. All you need to do is centre yourself and get lost in it, only to find it all.

Shoonyam is the re-discovered ancient wisdom of transformation-of mind, of body and of soul. A powerful ideology that helps you transcend beyond the incomplete western concepts of intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, physical quotient amongst others, floating around attempting to offer an illusion of control over ones’ self and the world. Mickey’s Shoonyam Quotient teleports the reader to a world of Shoonyam-ness of the soul, awaiting release and celebration in this human form!

The book shows you how to discover your Shoonyam Quotient and re-design the life that you have always dreamt of living but have been unable to; it will empower you with life altering insights to choreograph your change-and transcend into Shoonyam-ness!

What is Shoonyamness

Shoonyam, or the Zeroeth point of being, of conception of origin of all this possible is the most elusive state of being for the one who chases it all. Ironically, Mickey says that only once you stop chasing the Zeroes in your paycheck, will you be able to centre yourself in the priceless Shonyam-ness.

For the last 100 years, the world has tried hard to accelerate this chase by inadvertently limiting our progress with the concept of labels and limits. While doing so, they have devised every possible quotient to map and evaluate our potential:

  • The Intelligence Quotient that labels our intelligence as per their limited knowledge of knowledge
  • The Emotional Quotient that classifies our spectrum of emotions based on their rational classification of emotions
  • The Creative Quotient that qualifies our creativity pas per their existing universe of creativity
  • The Physical Quotient that defines our physical proficiency based on their mental models of physicality
  • The Spiritual Quotient that explains our spirituality as per their human cognizance of cosmic consciousness.
  • The Digital Quotient that dictates our digital footprint as per their virtual vistas of our life and legacy

But little did they realize that each of these is incomplete on its own, awaiting deliverance into completion, into Shoonyam. This is why Shoonyam was born.Shoonaym Quotient is Mickey’s legacy to the world trying to bring order in the chaos of uni-dimensional knowledge in the multi-dimensional universe of being human.

Dr. Mickey Mehta says, ‘In Shoonyam, you are able to BREAKFREE of all the limitations of personal, professional and societal illusions and impositions to re-discover your INFINIUM potential’. The ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Zen, Tao, Tantra, Vedas, Greek and other philosophies have been unearthed by Mickey in his journey of designing the essence of Shoonyam-ness. The mission being singular: Gift every human being the power portal of Shoonyam-ness to train the body, transform that mind and transcend thy soul.

About Dr. Mickey Mehta

Dr Mickey Mehta is a Global leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach to billionaires, top Bollywood super stars, top supermodels (Miss World and Miss Universe), top politicians and members of the Maharashtra Police. He has a double honorary doctorate in holistic health and life sciences from International Medicina Alternativa, and has been a pioneer in promoting holistic health in India through radio and TV shows too. Mickey was invited to talk at Harvard University at the Inspire series in February 2017 and at IIT Mumbai in 2015. He has held holistic health workshops in Oman, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong, Dubai, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

Dr Mickey Mehta is also a leading social media influencer in the health and wellness space. He has interwoven Zen, Tao, Tantra, Ved, Greek and many more philosophies to develop holistic health systems to self-heal, transform and transcend. His healing focuses on mingling with our five elements and skilfully balancing them. Throughout his 35-year-long career, he has striven to promote a disease-free world through his wellness commandants. Dr. Mehta’s Yoga by the Bay initiative with The Times of India in Mumbai has impacted over 1,50,000 people by initiating them into the world of Yoga; it is one of Mickey’s dearest social initiatives to get India harmonized and Indians, Mickeymized!