Victim To Victory Co-Authored by Feritta Khambata


October 6, 2022

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Our dear friend and amazing artist and singer Feritta is part of a series of authors in a new book titled Victim to Victory.

512Ui-1Tg LFeritta writes…

Today is my book launch on Amazon!!!!!!

The messages of support I have received have been amazing! My vision has always been to have positive impact, to the make the world a better place. 

Victim to Victory is a major catalyst for positive change and growth, something I’m passionate about, because everyone deserves happiness. Writing my chapter was hard, I had to share some personal moments but people need to know they aren’t alone and support is there. 

I had commit to my dream – the writer, speaker, the thought leader, the public speaker, the life coach. 

I am so passionate about the purpose of this book and know these stories will change lives.

Having experienced very low points in life I know how hard it is to find the light when all feels really hopeless.

But you can find your beautiful inner light.

If you are looking for your light please message me to receive a free kindle copy of the Victim To Victory book. 

Today is the day!

You can purchase the book on amazon