World Central Kitchen – a fundraiser by Niloufer Mavalwala


April 26, 2020

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Our dear friend and award winning cookbook author Niloufer Mavalwala writes in…

Blogging is all about storytelling. Instead of people being the center of attention on my blog food is the star. Recipes unfold the story it holds within each picture.

We all have a story to share.It just unravels in many different ways. Here is mine.

Today I am using my blogging platform to reach out to share a heartwarming story of the human race, set in the 21st century where people are dying, from an unknown virus. It is relentless, killing the young and the old, the rich and the famous and everyone else in its path. 
Except it is so very real as it is terrifying.

People have always needed people – now more than ever before. So many people are in dire need. Simply in dire need of food to survive. leaving their reasons aside let us focus on the angels who make this possible.

Among many in this world I came across World Central Kitchen – the brainchild of Chef Jose` Andre`. A true citizen of the world who keeps no borders and has no boundaries.

I collaborated with them and have pledged to share 50% of all sales made through amazon of my self published cookbook The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders.

Please may I request you to go ahead and buy a copy to help us help them do what they do best. To tell them we are on their side proud to be a supporter. Each sale is important and will help achieve the goal.

Thank you in advance. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay blessed.
Niloufer Mavalvala. 

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