Age, ailments won’t deter these Parsis from voting


September 19, 2008

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BPP Elections

Inspiration: The participation of Cawas Boman Dadiseth and Barjor Nagolwalla in the Parsi Panchayat elections will further the cause of the elderly, who are lonely and uncared for. PIC/Alisha Coelho

Here’s inspiration for all those who feel lazy and apathetic to exercise their right to vote. Cawas Boman Dadiseth (86) and Barjor Nagolwalla (76), who are recuperating at the J J Hospital, are determined to pull each other through and vote at the Parsi Panchayat elections that commence on October 4. 
The two best friends are among 10 patients at the Parsi ward of the hospital to have registered to vote for the upcoming elections. However, five of the voters have died and three others are currently immobile. But Dadiseth and Nagolwalla are unfazed and adamant to vote.
"So what if we are immobile? All we need is someone who can take us to the voting centre," said Dadiseth, who came to the ward after social worker Arnavaz Mistry found him with maggot-infested wounds outside Aslaji Bhikharji Agyari at Grant Road. Mistry, who has been working with the ward for the last two decades, feels senior citizens are the most informed about happenings in their community. "Several patients from the ward were eager to vote, but only these two might be able to make it. Their participation will greatly further the cause of the elderly in the community who are lonely and uncared for," said Mistry, who is also campaigning for the elections.
Nagolwalla, an ex-marine engineer, said when he came to the ward five years ago, he felt it was the end of the road for him, but his stay there has given him a new zest for life.
"I was at the Parsi General Hospital with no family or friends and I wondered about what would happen to me. Thankfully, at this ward, my will to live has returned. Now, I want to fulfil my responsibility to vote as a
community member."
The voting will take place on October 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19.