Are you ready to vote for the BPP Elections


September 3, 2008

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BPP Elections

To be eligible to vote you need to make sure that you are registered with the BPP.

They have a nifty website

You can search for your name by various criteria.

Make sure your name shows up.

Also make sure that you have picked up your registration certificates from the BPP offices.

We were sent this note by regular reader Dara Acidwala, via Bombay Samachar…

Please, Please Collect Your Certificate From B.P.P.

Zoroastrian Members registered on General or Donor Register, please hurry up to collect your Certificates for enabling you to vote for the ensuing B.P.P. Trustees Election in October 2008. Those desiring Duplicate Certificates should also apply immediately for the same to avoid last day rush.
Once again, B.P.P. for the convenience of the Registered Members will
keep its office open on Saturday, September 20, 2008 between 10.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Last date for collection of original Certificates and issuance of Duplicate Certificates is October 1st 2008.

And make sure you vote for the best person for the job. We have featured candidates who have made their mission statements public. You can see their names in the right side bar on this page or by going to BPP Election Candidates at Parsi Khabar