BPP Candidate: Noshir Dadrawala


September 3, 2008

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BPP Elections

Below is a brief resume and introduction to Noshir Dadrawala.

• Appointed by the Planning Commission, Government of India, as a member of Expert Group on Voluntary Organizations in India ..

• CEO of Tata & Ford Foundation supported ‘Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy’ Noshir is an internationally sought expert on charity management.

• Visiting faculty, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, N. M.

• Institute of Management & S. P. Jain Institute of Management.

• Research Associations with Harvard University, London School of Economics and Johns HopkinsUniversity.

• A Zoroastrian Faith traditionalist scholar, Noshir leads informative trips of Parsis to Madar-e- Vatan, Iran, which are extremely popular.

• Community activist for last 25 years. Speaks, writes, informs. on all community issues in a bold and candid manner.

• Achieved all this at an young age of just 47 years.

• Noshir will tone up BPP administration, introduce modern charity management techniques, and bring his vast experience in tackling outstanding BPP problems.

• Highly accessible and available to the public.

• Noshir is a very straightforward, frank, honest man and calls a spade a spade! Fiercely independent thinker.

• Strong supporter of Dokhmenashini. A true but compassionate orthodox!