BPP trustee supports needy Parsis

After years of fighting for a home under the Bombay Parsi Punchayet’s (BPP) homes-for-the-needy scheme, needy Parsis found support from an unexpected quarter.

A trustee of BPP, Noshir Dadrawala, on Monday wrote to the charity commissioner that those names cleared by the earlier trustees should be given the houses.

Dadrawala said, “The allotments have been approved by a legally constituted board. Therefore, all 104 people should be allotted the houses.”

DNA had reported on January 24 about joint charity commissioner NV Deshmukh directing the BPP to allot houses to Parsis whose names were cleared earlier. The BPP was to file compliance report on Monday. The trust, however,sought more time to get a stay on the order from high court.

Dinshaw Rusi Mehta, chairman of BPP, said, “No one is against giving houses, but we cannot jump the queue just because some people approach the charity commissioner.”

  • Zubin

    Lol. The kettle is calling the pot black. The 5 BPP trustees (Noshir excluded) want to give the keys to 63 of these 104 applicants (the rest are undeserving, either earning over a lakh per month or already having houses elsewhere). However Noshir Dadhrawala has been stalling the process due to pressures from his political masters (Randeria and Desai).

    These poor 63 families were so disgusted by his antics that they finally stormed into the BPP board meeting last week and confronted Dadhrawalla in front of all the other trustees. They wanted to know why he was playing dirty politics with their lives and stalling their allotment when they had been cleared by both the old as well as the new board.

    Dinshaw Mehta and the other trustees told these families that they had been cleared by all the remaining trustees, but the keys could not be handed over because of Noshir Dadhrawalla. All housing allotments have to be a unanimous decision and hence the others cannot proceed without Noshir.

    The families asked Dadhrawalla for a date when they would be handed the keys to their homes, but Noshir refused to commit.

    Apparently Noshir has been asked by Kersi Randeria not to give his consent to the allottment of these 63 flats. They want all 104 or none at all. And Noshir has obeyed so far like a puppy.

  • phiroz

    After reading WAPIZ page in FPJ to day, I believe that both WAPIZ and AZA. should not be allowed to insult the intelligence of our community any further.We provide human material that even Govt of India appreciayes. Look, who is appointed to oversee take over of Satyam – A Zoroastrian. But our petty minded “gully association’ will call each other names to be in the limelight of the Press.

  • Ervad Hoshang J. Bhadha Ph.D.

    Knowing Dadrewala since 1980’s I think he’s a good writer but most certainly not fit for BPP seat. He’s a kind of person who sits on the fence when times comes to make decision. He’ll try to please everyone and that’s what happened in this housing issue. In 80’s he was very traditional (wearing cap at all time) humble and energetic person however with this sudden BPP seat he has most ceratinly change his perspectives and preferences in life. BPP election is always a gamble anyway. He had the advantage of being known to the community via his writings from so many years against those trustees who were on the last BPP board. Nobody even tried to test his dedication towards the community affairs. I think a Journalist should be honored in his field. His expertise should not be tested for any community or political leadership role. We have seen the consequences of electing a filmstar becoming a politician in India, a person who is not even knowledgeable about the country geography, people or politics. I hope someday Dadrewala will seek the need of investigating his roots from 1980’s to understand the problems of our community and work to achieve the goals today instead of making it a victim of redtapism & political twists. Our community lives for today more than lives for tomorrow. People need housing and basic necessities for today, for their ownself and not after their date to 3 generations. It is very resonable to comment that BPP has enough wealth to support the entire community for the next 30+ years with an hypothesis of 0 income shall be contributed by each Zarathosti family in India.