Exit Poll: Election for Bombay Parsi Panchayet Trustees 2015


September 24, 2015

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BPP Elections

The elections of the Bombay Parsi Panchayet are upon us. On October 18, 2015 the community in Mumbai will elect 5 new Trustees, to join the two who’s terms continue for a little more time.
In the fray are novices, veterans, professionals, entrepreneurs all with a mandate to serve the community.

Below is an exit poll to judge the sentiments of the community. The exit polls will close the day before the elections and we will put out the results as soon as polling closes on October 18.

The exit poll is totally independent of the actual exercise of elections and has no affiliation with any of the candidates or the Bombay Parsi Panchayet itself.

Click here to take the poll: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CNDT5YD