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Parsi polls: Candidates say ‘fair so far’

With the second weekend of the Bombay Parsi Panchayat (BPP) elections round the corner, we decided to review the past weekend and see what some of the prominent candidates have to say about their experiences and observations so far. As 32 candidates vie for the seven seats of trustees to the most powerful Parsi institution in the city, a variety of views and opinions are thrown up in the process.

A former corporator from Dadar’s Parsi Colony, Rustom Tirandaz who is an independent candidate describes the first weekend as “excellent”.

Tirandaz says that the enthusiasm among the Parsis was evident. “We are facing a revival, as Parsis are combining and casting their votes and showing contempt for character assassination that is taking place,” says Tirandaz.


Question him on the rumours of alleged rigging, he says, “It’s just not possible. We even use indelible ink.” Tirandaz also feels that the first day of the polls (Saturday) was strained only because there was an unexpectedly large turnout.

Noshir Dadrawala, Adult Franchise for Progress (AFP) and CEO of the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy, feels that whatever went wrong on day one was corrected on the second day. “We’re expecting a turnout of 15,000- 17,000 at the end of the three weekends, out of around 30,000 registered votes, which is fair enough,” says Dadrawala.

He adds, “We must maintain some decorum. The accusations that are flying around should be avoided, especially by such an enlightened committee such as the Parsis.”

Jimmy Mistry, another independent candidate and chairperson of the Parsi Resource Group, says that he has been involved in community service for a long time, and has decided to channel that into a candidature at the BPP elections.

“The over all experience has been great. We have made a good attempt at the elections though a lot more could have been done in terms of organisation,” says Mistry, also adding that the process has been fair and without any rigging. “It’s very easy to accuse people but to come out and actually take the organisation into your hands is different matter altogether.”

Mistry, along with some other independent candidates, have made plans to visit Cusrow Bagh to create special spaces for the handicapped to vote.Khojeste Mistree, World Alliance for Parsi Irani Zarthostis (WAPIZ), scholar and historian on the Zoroastrian culture, feels that there was a lot left to be done in terms of organisation. “The

space allotted for voting was only around 60 square feet. That is crazy, considering the number of potential voters. On the second day, it improved considerably after the BPP staff took over from the election committee,” says Mistree, adding that all-in-all, things had gone off well for WAPIZ, though there were certain events he was unhappy about. “My daughter was filming the ballots being rigged and she was manhandled. She has to wear a belt now, since she hurt her back badly,” Mistree complains.

The venue for the polls to be held on Saturday has been shifted from the BPP office to Cusrow Baug in Colaba and the venue for the polls to be conducted on 19th October have been shifted from the J B Vatcha School to Dadar Parsi Gymkhana.

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12 responses to “Parsi polls: Candidates say ‘fair so far’”

  1. Siloo Kapadia says:

    I am very interested to see how this whole thing is going to lay out. Will the conservatives (e.g. neo fascists) win, thus ensuring the end of the community in India? Or will the more liberal faction (e.g. the so-called rough-em-ups) win, making things a lot more volatile?

    Perhaps ZAGNY should take over the functions of the Mumbai association. We have done wonderful things in New York. We are socially liberal while being fiscally conservative. We are a thriving community, and we welcome everyone.

  2. rustom says:

    siloo one thing is for sue a member of zagny that is you , have portrayed very well how you jump fences.. this has been amply proven by your comments on various issues on this blog..

    Once a ardent supporter for’change in Zoroastrianism’ to voicing your call to ‘CHANGE’ rules laid down by the founders of the BPP to other religious institutions ..now you call the ones upholding dokhmenishini, principles of the agiaries and atashbehrm as facists..maybe you are like the taliban.who tries and propogates to dismantle something not liked or suited by you….though not forced to follow it…and then claim al godly like their jehad…
    But ofcourse instead of staying steadfast with the faith and the path thas has proved to be sucessfull for more than a millenia, you chose to promote that, which ingfact has fuelled chaos..and now this..

    start by getting a good dictonery..it will show you the meaning of a facist…and differentiate between a facist and one who is civil enough not to demand a change i9n rules put down by the donors and civil enough not to disrespect onswes own faith..
    it might also pleasantly surprise you that you can slight those and their efforts who have upheld traditions and zoroastrianism.for a millenia…they are called traditionalists….without whom you probably be a nun or in a burkha by now!!!

  3. Jamshed says:

    Siloo, It would be better if you stay in New york, and dont poke your nose in our business. Let me remind you that we do not consider Half Parsis like you as Parsis. So just forget that you will every be able to enter BPP and hold reins of our religion.

    And let me remind you that Mostly all candidates are Conservative Religious parsis, who very well know how to protect the community from judens like you.


    So mind your own business, and half your mixed global family in New York.

  4. Delnavaz says:

    Siloo seems to be on every blog, spewing her venom. Siloo, nobody is trying to convince you to follow the traditional Zoroastrian religion. But why are you so hell bent on forcing your version of the religion on everyone else. You are always abusive & negative. You are definitely an unhappy person.

  5. DJ says:

    You have done wonderful things in new york.. like what? Leagally Steal the Darbe Meher from the Arbab Rustom Guiv association? Only to sell it for a SMALLER dumpier place when the trustees claimed space was an issue? The folks at the top of that org as AS CROOKED if not more so than the existing BPP leadership.

    99% of the NA orgs are loser orgs, and i can speak from experince. As part of one for over 18 years. I can tell you when it comes to religious matters they dont know their head from their bums, and are unethical to the height of insanity.

  6. DJ says:

    I also heard how you guys treated the resident care taker priest in the 90’s and spent thousands in community money to get him evicted … I would hang my head in shame if i were you and would never even admit publically that i was part of that of that org. And you want them to take over Mumbai.. since when did you become a comedian?

  7. rustom says:

    Hi DJ…
    I am ignorant of the darbe meher episode you talk of as I do not reside in the states…and also about the priest issue…

    Since likes of Siloo or her pseudo name want to stake a claim on zoroastrian issues and properties, it would be nice if we can hear about it to wisen ourselves in this part of the globe…and also pass on the infoe to other people..if the info is found genuine..

  8. Jamshed says:

    Thanks DJ,for exposing these Judens..
    And I also agree with Delnavaz, Siloo is a crazy women, who must have married outside and has been trying her best to convince other that her path is the right path..

    Siloo , take my advise, you will not be able to steal that pure parsi blood,and linage from us, I understand you must have lost it. that’s the soul reason behind your frustration.

    Many like you have risen and have vanished, but we Parsis have survived from years and will survive.


  9. Siloo Kapadia says:

    You all are Nazis, as far as I am concerned. And frankly, after hearing all this geloo gadoo gupsup, I am convinced that the only way for the community to go is to get open up. If that means moving past you dinosaurs, then so be it.

    By the way, my husband is also Parsi and all this talk of pure bloodedness is Nazism. You are all headed for the trash heap of history. A few years from now and most of you will be gone, vulture food, ashes. What will you leave our children?

    No, you all are crazy for allowing our wonderful faith to be turned to ashes due to your mad pure racial thinking.

    Shame on you. You are scum. May the reformists win and away with you all jungleeoh.

  10. DJ says:

    Siloo, do you think you are a Parsi just because your parents and your husband is a Parsi? Sure it is a precursor, a prerequisite to being a Parsi-Zarthusti, but it is NOT the only thing that makes you one. You are encouraging and wishing for the demise of your own community, the very roots from which your tree has grown. Your bad thoughts, bad words which probably result in bad deeds that you spew; look at what you are saying read the words again and ask yourself if these are the ideas that our religion teaches. We may have a difference of opinion but the conservatives just want to be left alone to do what they have been doing. You want to wipe us out because of what we believe in.. THAT is Nazism, THAT is fascism.

    Liberals like you always talk about ‘bloodline’ or ‘purity’ .. no matter what is in your blood, or how pure you think you are according to our definition, as long as you have hatred in your heart, you will NEVER be considered a Pars-Zarthusti in our books. Just as you talk about us being gone some day, likewise you too will eventually pass on and when you do so you will be accountable for the hate that you put fourth.

    Do what you want in NY and let us do what we want in India, how hard is that? The harder you push us the harder we will fight back to preserve what we hold sacred. We don’t come to NY and tell you what to do, right? This is the problem with the liberal agenda, you preach open mindedness yet you cant live and let live. Leave alone the insitutions and practices that have been in motion longer than you, or your parents or grand parents have been alive. If you want to start a new direction, go for it, just leave us the hell out of it.

    Lastly, you dismiss my claims against ZAGNY as geloo gadoo gupsup? That’s the best you have? Of course that’s the best you have because you know you cant possibly refute my claims with anything substantial because they are TRUE.

    When I have a spare moment ill respond in a nutshell with regards to be above.

  11. rustom says:

    Siloo have you got that dictonery..that would enable you o distingusih between a facist and a traditionalist..

    I guess you are worse at history!!!! forget abiut Zoroastrian history but general knowledge and world history in particular..

    After maligning the efforts of the saviours of zoroasrianism as facist..now you compare those who see thru your excuse and leave no room for you to manuvere your lies as Nazis.

    Heres the difference..nazis persecuted others.whilst traditional zoroastrians from begining never had any disputes with other comunities and coexisted with them..

    The nazis created holocausts whilst we acknowledged that we had to take refuge in India fater holocaust against us in earstwhile persia…

    The Nazis forced their views on others, whilst we do not force anyone to follow zoroastrianism..
    Your wisdom??!!! makes you link those who protect their faith without converting anyone else nor forcing zoroastrianism on any one else with those who thaught and promoted their superiority!!

    Nazis destoyed what they did not like, we have not destroyed nor maligned any othe faith…again since you want to destroy and change what you do not like..its you who act like the nazis..

    All religions have rules towards their faith.. islam rejects non muslims form meca,, Hindu from their consecrated temples, the vatican against giving holy communion to non chrisians and also of roaming around thru their holy city.the vatican..

    The vatican and mecaa have rules that do not allow any other religious institution in their precinct to protect theirs from fusion etc.. would you term them nazis too??

    Siloo do your self a favour, study the topic before passing judgements

  12. Dear commenters,

    The discussion on this topic has gone way out of hand. In no way are any individual’s or group’s actions even remotely comparable to Nazi or Fascist tactics and propoganda.

    So that this website does not turn into a hatred slugfest, I will terminate further discussion on this topic.

    If you have something substantative to add, please send it to me via the “Contact Us” tab and after editorial review, I may publish it.