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Muktad Prayers: How Long Should One Do Them ?

A humorous take on a very pertinent issue that we all face at some point in our lives.

Good friend of Parsi Khabar, Er. Marzban J. Hathiram write on


The question is often put to me by many devotees: ‘Dasturji, for how long should we do the Muktad prayers?’ There is really no easy answer to this question. But I generally drive the conversation in the following manner.

Me: It’s all a question of feeling, what we call ‘laagni’ in Gujarati.

Devotee: What do you mean, Dasturji?

Me: How many children do you have?

D: Two (if they say none, then I ask how many children their parents had. Obviously the answer is one or more.)

Me: So how old are they now?

D: Oh, one is 35, married and has a child, the other is 27 and looking around for a good partner. What to do, Dasturji, koi sojju maltuj nathi…

Me: Hmm, so now that they are quite old they must be all leading their separate lives, right?

D: Of course, but Dasturji, they are still our children, no?

Me: Of course, you are totally right. Even if they be 50 and you be eighty, they will still call you mummy and you will still call them your dikra or dikri, correct?

D: Of course, Dasturji, aapra bachcha te aappraj vari! Tame bhi su vari…

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