Noruz in Iran


March 20, 2006

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Noruz, a festival marking start of the new Iranian year, is celebrated in Iran.

Passage of time has not reduced importance of the traditional festival and it is being observed by people more gloriously each year than the previous year.

Norouz rites start in the northwestern How To Get Your Ex Love Back Iranian city of Orumieh (West Azarbaijan) like other parts of Iran before commencement of the new year.

A month before Norouz housewives start dusting and cleaning every part of their houses, dusting furniture and washing carpets. The practice represents renewal and refreshment. The house should be brushed off any dirt, because ancient Iranians held that the soul of their departed family members frequented their home on the eve of Noruz.

Chaharshanbe-Soori (Fire Festival) is one of the ceremonies held prior to advent of the new year. Chaharshanbe Soori is an old Iranian tradition, coming on the last Tuesday night of the old year.

On the occasion, people rejoice themselves by visiting friends, especially those losing their beloved ones in the previous year.

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