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Parsi Phrases: What we have all grown up hearing.

All of us at different times in life have heard our grandparents or parents using very typical Parsi Gujarati phrases that cut to the chase and explain exactly what they have in mind, without using a few sentences.

This is a very unique socio-cultural trait and now two ladies are taking an initiative to document these for posterity.

Good friend of Parsi Khabar, and acclaimed photographer and screen writer Sooni Taraporewala informs us:

Meher Marfatia & Sooni Taraporevala are compiling a Parsi Gujarati phrase-book. We wish to record these phrases for future generations who would otherwise lose our wonderfully colourful language. Calling for contributions.

Please share with us all the phrases you can recollect, like “ghora ma ghadero”, "sagan no gaathio”, “mai muro baap gaajar”… English or Gujarati script welcome, with English translations wherever possible.

Contributions used will be credited.

Email us at: parsibol@gmail.com

or write to: Meher Marfatia, 33 Peacock Palace, 69 Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai – 400026.

So here is adding a few of my own to start the conversation: Ghelsappo, Saparchan, Bhastaigayo.

What are yours ??