Bejan Daruwalla makes some Obama predictions


January 20, 2009

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A widely respected Indian astrologer living in Mumbai predicts that Barack Obama will be better for peace and prosperity in the world than American Presidents of the past four decades.

He will succeed in bringing some useful solutions to the deluge of problems he faces around the world in addition to restoring a lot of America’s dented prestige among foreigners.

Astrologer Bejan Daruwala says Obama’s main astrological trait is that he is capable of saving people from their own worst weaknesses. He has a natural talent for public service with common sense, neutrality and pragmatism. He has charisma and extraordinary communication abilities that persuade people to trust him and accept his vision and leadership.

These birth traits were evident in Obama’s rise to power and victories so far, which were based on persuasion and creating trust. In a telephone interview, Daruwala predicts that these qualities will extend to the world’s people, including America’s enemies. They will grow to trust Obama because being even-handed is a part of his innate nature. That will bring big gains to the US and to Americans.

Obama is a Leo born on August 4. He is the 44th President and will be inaugurated on January 20. Therefore, his basic numbers are 2 (from January 20), 4 (from his birthday) and 8 (from 4+4 of the 44th President). His date of birth and the numbers signify leadership, happiness and success.

The weak point currently in Obama’s horoscope is that he attracts the anger of people who feel jealous, neglected or left out of his vision. That anger may cause violence against his person. For this reason, his personal security should be of the best quality. He should also be careful to be as inclusive as possible when he develops and enunciates policies and decisions.

Daruwala is very well known in India and has scored the highest number of book sales on astrology in Asia. He is a Parsi whose ancestors came to India when Islam took over Persia, now called Iran. Their Zoroastrian religion was perhaps the world’s oldest.

Interestingly, Daruwala who lived in the US for seven years in the past is a master of ancient Hindu astrology. He usually prefixes his predictions with the words “Ganesha says…” which is a reference to the Hindu elephant god of good living and removal of obstacles.

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