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Ervad Mody: Show the strong will to survive

About 100 Parsis were on Sunday reminded again of the need to show the will for survival. The message was communicated to them by one of the most learned members of the community, Ervad Navad Modi.

By Ashutosh Shukla / DNA India

Modi was talking on the subject ‘How to increase numbers without decreasing quality’ during the celebration of Ava Yazad Day at the Radio Club.

“When the Census officials met us, they said the question is whether the community has the will to survive,” Modi said, pointing to the dwindling numbers of Parsis.

Among other people present on the occasion was Vada Dasturji Khursheed Dastur Kaikobad Dastur, the high priest of Udwada, the most important fire temple of Parsis.