Let first Nano drive out of Navsari


October 8, 2008

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NAVSARI: The joy of Nano driving into Gujarat is even more pronounced in small town Navsari, birthplace of Jamsetji Tata. Elated Parsis here feel this shifting of gears from Singur, is a perfect goodwill gesture for Gujarati hospitality shown to them a century ago.

However, they have one heartfelt wish – that the first world’s smallest car rolls out of Navsari! “Tata bringing its dream project here is a proud moment for all of us. But, we hope that the first Nano car will be delivered from here, where their ancestor Jamsetji Tata was born on March 3, 1839,” said Kersi Deboo, a Parsi and historian, on Tuesday, when Nano mania had entire state in its grip.

Navsari and Tata connection is even more special as their original house still exists there, preserved by Parsi community. The town is even home to Bai Hirabai Navsari Charitable Trust, a trust named after Jamsetji’s mother and managed by their family in a sprawling estate called Tata baug.


“Tata’s bond with Navsari is very strong and the family is also involved in many social activities here,” said Rohington Awari, manager of Tata Baug, which houses a bungalow of JRD Tata, who gifted it to his son Naval.

SK Vajifdar, who stays next to Tata’s house in Dastur Waad, said, “No one dreamt that a boy here would become torchbearer of India’s industrial revolution. He was born just beside my home and his father Nusserwanji was involved in a small business of textile products. Jamsetji then took it to country’s largest steel plant. Now Tata is coming with Nano which will leave our footprint on global map,” says Vajifdar.

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