Bakewell: UAE’s Only Parsi Bakery in Dubai


November 18, 2013

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Here is a short video report on Bakewell Bakery of Dubai, UAE. It is the only Parsi bakery in the UAE, and has been run for a few decades now by Rustom Sorab Wadia, originally of Bombay, India


“Bakewell” – the brainchild of Rustom Sorab Wadia, took birth as a “Hot Bread Shop and Confectionery” on 30th December 1991 on Rolla Road in Bur Dubai. Soon Dubaites heard about the new bakery and confectionery and also heard of the roots going far back to their Bombay days when they enjoyed such similar savories, rich plum cakes and varieties of bread at Palmer’s –an Italian Confectionery at Kemp’s Corner.

tumblr_ljybhjn2SI1qi09vv The word spread like wild fire and more and more Dubaites started frequenting the outlet. The shop continues catering to its customer’s needs such as: fancy cake shapes, different varieties of bread, puddings, pastries, puff pastries such as chicken, mutton, mushroom, mini pizzas, Bombay sandwiches, chutney sandwiches, and delicious chicken sandwiches. It is also very famous for its High-fiber brown bread varieties and the French cheese roll.

Bakewell’s mouth-watering, delectable rich plum cakes are simply irresistible. One needs to simply experience its Vegetarian Cakes –they are simply out of this world! The rich plum cakes are available all year round because of public demand. Be it a party, an Anniversary, a Birthday, a Christening, a Holy Communion, Fancy cake shape, Bakewell is on top of the ladder and second to none.

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