Establishment of North American Institute of Zoroastrian Studies


October 23, 2020

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It is now more than two score and ten years since Zoroastrians from various parts of the world have settled in North America, bringing with them their religious practices, traditions and cultures which are gradually evolving into a tapestry of a new North American Zoroastrian identity.

logoThe first-generation Zoroastrians in North America, in the space of a few short years, have made remarkable progress in firmly establishing themselves on North American soil. They have established Associations, Centers, Dar-e-Mehers and AtashKadehs, and have come together as FEZANA – the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America.

The Religious Leaders, the Mobeds, have likewise come together and established NAMC – the North American Mobeds Council, a consortium of Mobeds with stellar achievements, committed to providing religious guidance to the community and training future Mobeds. In furtherance of this progress, NAMC, at their Annual General Meeting in September 2020 moved to carry the proposal forward and to formally establish an educational arm of NAMC –

“North American Institute of Zoroastrian Studies”.

The Institute shall have two tracks:

1. To train and ordain Mobeds to serve the North American community, and

2. To teach Zoroastrianism at an academic level.

Organizationally, an Advisory Board shall be set up consisting of Senior Mobeds, academics and respected community members to manage the affairs of the Institute.

It is envisioned that in time, several North American Zoroastrian Associations will engage the services of full time professional Mobeds, with the Institute providing a cadre of well-trained Mobeds to serve the religious and ministerial needs of our communities.

Further, the Institute shall provide and promote education in Zoroastrianism to academics and to members of all faiths.

Gratitude to Rohinton Rivetna for his vision and inspiration and for formulating the initial charter of the Institute, and to NAMC — President Er. Arda-e-Viraf Minocherhomjee for diligently pursuing it to fruition.

For more information please contact:

Ervad Tehemton Mirza

Vice President

North American Mobeds Council

October 2020 | Press Release