The Zoroastrian Association of California Celebrates the 5th Salgreh of their Atashkadeh


November 16, 2021

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The 5th Salgreh of the Zoroastrian Association of California‘s Atash Kadeh was celebrated with great religious fervor and Parsi gusto on the 12th of November. The  celebration started a week ago by deep cleaning the premises. On the day of Salgreh a  Hama Anjuman Sandal wood maachi was offered in all five gehs. Also, two Hama Anjuman Jashans were performed, one in the morning and one in the evening to facilitate the whole community by Ervads Jal Birdy, Zerkxis and Zarir Bhandara which was attended by about 60 Zoroastrians. After the Jashans Ervad Bhandara gave an informative talk on different grades of fires, the offering of Machi,in which he briefly gave the history of the enthronement of the fire. He stated that “3 days and nights before the opening of this Atash Kadeh, the Vendidad and Yasna Sadeh and 6 Bajs were performed- under the guidance of Dasturji Dr. Kotwal- on the fire that was burning in our home [Bhandara’s] for the last ten years and from that same fire this Padshah was enthroned”.

He concluded the event by thanking the priests, the attendees and the ZAC executive committee The fruits for the Jashans were brought by Dolly Malva and Aban Kapadia and delicious vegetarian dinner was prepared by Yashmin and Mehernosh Pithawalla and the icing on the cake was the happy Birthday cake prepared by Vira and Burjor Santoke.


Salgreh 6

Salgreh cake cutting