Vote for Parsi Road Station in Singapore


November 14, 2017

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Our dear friends Shirin and Rssi Ghadiali of Singapore have sent us this request. We urge all of you to sign the petition.

To do so, click on the link below. All you need to enter there is your mail, phone number and email address. And then select None for the first two questions and Parsi Road for the last one.

Let’s all do our bit to get a Parsi Road Station in Singapore !!


PZAS Committee of Singapore writes:

A couple of months back a lot of our Parsi community members, their non-Parsi friends and others in general were kind enough to help fill out the polls to name the new MRT Station in Shenton Way as Parsi Road Station.

It appears that the movement all of you helped spearhead previously has finally come to fruition and now we have to move this effort to Stage 2. This naming of the station, is in the final stage of the naming exercise, which has already commenced and polls will be open until December 10. 

In Stage 1, the LTA had tentatively named the station Prince Edward MRT station with a request to the general public to suggest other names. The community and their network of friends responded in large numbers to name it Parsi Road. This is no mean feat, given that more than 2,000 suggestions from the general public were sifted through in order to come up with the three finalized names below for the final naming poll.

1) Prince Edward Road
2) Parsi Road
3) Palmer Road

PZAS’ members and our member’s friends, business associates and anyone in your network that you can encourage have less than a month to fill in and submit the poll. Below is the link to use to vote for the Parsi Road MRT station in Stage 2.

Please note in Stage 1 your help in filling out the poll helped us secure a place in the first 3 place out of thousands of suggestions. Now we need your help in securing a place for our erstwhile community to be recognized for it’s contributions, preserve a legacy of our forefathers and secure a place in history for our future generations. 

Our community appreciates your vote and help in driving this initiative by not only by filling this poll out within our community but encourage others outside our community to help fill out the poll in significant numbers. This poll can be taken by anyone worldwide so please forward to your friends, community and contacts outside Singapore too. Thanks very much for your help.   

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead,

PZAS Committee of Singapore