Zarathushti Wedding Ceremony in Australia shows love must overcome fear


January 20, 2016

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Cronulla couple Rutty Talati and Tristan Harley were married according to the rites of the Zoroastrian religion, one of the world’s rarest faiths.The multi-cultural aspects of the marriage included the wedding rite of a religion that was founded more than 3500 years ago and has gone from the world’s dominant faith to one of its rarest.

Article by John Mulcair | Cronulla News, Sydney Australia

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Zoroastrianism eventually contracted to Persia – now Iran – before most of the remaining adherents moved to the Indian state of Gujarat.

Two Zoroastrian priests performed the faith’s wedding rite.

The bride and groom and many guests wore traditional garb, while the civil marriage celebrant wore the traditional dress of her native Uganda.

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Zoroastrian ceremony important

Tristan said it was important for them to have a Zoroastrian ceremony.

“Rutty was brought up in the religion: this was a celebration of it,” he said.

Of the events of 10 years ago he said: “We’re not originally from Cronulla, but for outsiders its reputation preceded  it.

“Our experience of Cronulla is that is not like that at all.”

Knew of anniversary

Tristan said he and Rutty knew three months before their wedding of the planned riots’ 10th anniversary.

“We chose Cronulla and the date to celebrate diversity.

“From our position, we would have done it, no matter what.

“Love must overcome fear.”

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Tristan Harley is a refugee lawyer; his wife Rutty is a paediatric doctor at St George Hospital.


  1. Farhad Khurshed

    So does Tristan know how to say the Kusti prayers?

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    that’s nice :)

  3. Rajesh Srivastava

    Ashem Vohu (kusti) prayers are very good,