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June 6, 2011

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damaniaSchool students in Powai and particularly in Hiranandani are well familiar with the name of ‘Damania Sir’. He has been giving private tuitions and guiding youngsters in Powai for the last twelve years for all Boards.

What makes Aspi Damania remarkable is his abounding energy at 68 years of age. Well groomed, articulate and suave this Parsi gentleman has taken up tuitions after a long stint with an MNC bank and a career in the Army. He wants to keep himself occupied and finds himself younger in the company of school students.

Having lived all his life in South Bombay and married to an Anglo-Indian lady, he is a crop of the traditional culture who is coping with the changing scenario. He makes a fine blend of old-world values combining with the best of changing times. He lives between Powai and Dahisar.

It is a treat to meet him in his casual attire with jackets and cap swashbuckling like a cowboy at times. He loves bikes and nostalgically reminisces about his ‘Norton’ bike he owned in the past. Oh yes, he is also a fan of American country music and can be found mingling with his tech-geeky students downloading new collection from the internet.

He not only gives private tuitions at home but also guides youngsters in personality development. His impeccable English is an added advantage to the students in picking up the right nuances of the language. Parents equally find him affable to put their wards under him.

Students have improved their performances under him because of his style of teaching which is not rote-memory but making the young understand the concepts and basics which is everlasting. Easy-going and friendly, even the kids find him welcome at his home.

He is a strong propagator of Value Education wherein he opines – it is NOT a number game BUT with value attached where results are concerned – it is NOT mugging and producing on paper without understanding BUT understanding what you have read and expressing yourself in proper grammatical language, what you have understood.

He further adds – NOT just passing examination with high percentage number, just for getting admissions in higher educational institutions, BUT acquiring a broad, sustainable knowledge base, in order to cope up with various situations that are thrown at you in career or otherwise.

He says, “My aim is to make my students possess proper values, ethics, principles and goals. These are the virtues that are now fast vanishing, in today’s fast moving, so-called modern, hyped, technological world that we are trying to face with dignity and survive.”

To get in touch with Damania Sir you can contact him on his Mobile numbers – 98190 03913, 96191 93912.

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  1. Salianhm

    Congrats Aspi, felt proud reaidng this– Salian

  2. Salianhm

    Congrats Aspi, felt proud reaidng this– Salian

  3. Salianhm

    Congrats Aspi, felt proud reaidng this– Salian

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    yo sir

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    yo sir

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    yo sir