A Day of Shame for India: Opinion


January 3, 2013

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Ervad Marzban Hathiram makes some very valid points and raises questions about the state of society in India today. This is in the aftermath of the shocking series of events that started with the brutal rape of a young woman, and ended with her ultimate death.

How did things come to this? Is this not the same India which gave the world the Vedas and the Upanishads – where the role and status of women is so highly and beautifully enshrined? Are we not descendants of those who valiantly fought for the honour and purity of their wives and sisters? Did not our ancestors prefer to die, rather than be subject to such ignominy? Then how did we fall from the heights of such supreme behaviour to this uncivilized morass of objectification and sustained violence towards half of our own population?

India needs to have a crtitical look at the model of progress it has adopted, its headlong dive into materialism and consumerism, its legacy of ‘chalta hai’ and ‘jaane do’, its deep-seated corruption, and the lack of gender-sensitive education. India also needs to critically analyze the way

women are portrayed in that great curse of entertainment which is called Bollywood, whose denizens are today issuing hypocritical statements when they are themselves responsible for vulgar lyrics, graphics, crude innuendos and item numbers which demean the very idea of womanhood enshrined in our culture and tradition.

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