Cyrus It Is: Cyrus has the crowds rolling with laughter


September 28, 2009



Cyrus Broacha, by himself, is a laugh riot.

Put him on stage with his best buddy, the hilarious Kunal Vijaykar, and you get twice the fun. Or in this case, one-and-a-half times the fun!

Raell Padamsee’s Cyrusitis: the one-and-a-half man show opened to a full house on Saturday, and the duo on stage (accompanied by Delna Mody) sure managed to tickle every funny bone in your body!


Sitting in the audience were comedians Anu Menon and Boman Irani, who was asked by Cyrus to describe a Parsi, to which he promptly answered: Ask my wife Zenobia, she’s a Parsi!” Cyrus didn’t spare anyone in the audience — from Nandini Sardesai to Shailendra Singh to Raju Daswani, everyone got bitten by Cyrus the Virus! Add to that the spoofs on politicians, cricketers, actors and Kunal’s different on-stage avatars, and you had an evening of non-stop laughter!

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