Dubai Pravasi Yatra 2016


April 25, 2016

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The World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce Middle East Chapter is organizing the Dubai Pravasi Yatra from October 7 – 11, 2016. Meher Bhesania, the powerhouse Zarathushti in Dubai informs us about this exciting event which combines a travel and tourism program for the Zoroastrian community and a Leisure cum Commerce meet and greet for businessmen and entrepreneurs.

From the WZCC Website

Dubai Pravasi Yatra is a new initiative launched for the Zoroastrian community to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi. By launching this program we’re redefining travel and tourism for families and leisure cum commerce for businessmen.  Dubai, as you are aware, is the host city for World Expo 2020. We would, therefore, like our community members to visit this place and explore business and career opportunities.  All Zoroastrians from around the world are welcome to attend this program.

…….For Businessmen a special track has been arranged. They will be taken to the Free Zone and formal advice shall be offered to them for setting up new businesses in the UAE by professional consultants.

………The Program will offer the following benefits:

  1. See Dubai ‘The city of gold’ in a whole new light
  2. Weave a vacation they will never forget
  3. Discover the beauty and majesty of Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE
  4. Enjoy fine dining experience
  5. Travel in air-conditioned coaches with expert guides
  6. Explore career and business opportunities that Dubai has to offer
  7. Mix and mingle with WZCC Members from various parts of the world
  8. Interact with top speakers and VIPs at the Dinner Theatre Program
  9. Understand how Dubai will grow in the next three years leading up to the World Expo
  10. For Businessmen a special track has been arranged to visit the Free Zone

Summing up, there can be nothing more rewarding and exciting than shopping in the world-class designer stores, fascinating malls and high streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. From conventional carpets, paintings, souvenirs, accessories and bags, one can find everything under the sun in these cosmopolitan cities. Be awestruck with the manmade Palm Island, Burj Khalifa, Dancing Fountains and more… Click some amazing pictures at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Spend an amazing afternoon experiencing the thrill of Desert Safari. Float down the creek on a dhow and marvel at the amazing architecture of old and new buildings. This is a golden opportunity for our community members. We look forward to seeing you all in Dubai.

Full details including costs etc on the WZCC Website

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