Parsi Delegation at Art of Living Centre in Bangalore

Parsi Delegation with Guruji Parsis were represented at a well attended inter-faith conference held at the Art of Living International Centre in Bangalore on 27 & 28 September 2010.

By Noshir Dadrawala.

The Parsi delegation included three priests from Mumbai – Ervad Aspandiar Dadachanji, Ervad Cyrus Dastur & Ervad Homi Gowadia, as also Ervad Mehernosh Bharucha of Hyderabad and BPP trustee Mr. Noshir H. Dadrawala.

The Parsi delegates also had the opportunity to meet the Founder of the Art of Living – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or ‘Guruji’ as he is known to millions of his devotees across the world.

Guruji discussed with the Parsi delegates the similarities between the Vedas & Avesta and spoke glowingly about Parsis and their ability to live in harmony with all religious communities.

He also spoke very appreciatively about Yezdi J. Batliwala and his administrative abilities that have helped nurture the Centre in Bangalore. Yezdi’s son Khurshed has taught breathing techniques & meditation to a large number of people across the globe.

  • rustom jamasji

    There was a ‘art of living ‘ class at a Parsi colony where satsangs and meditation sessions were so loud that one would hear the meditation session in the adjoining agiary!!!.

    Parsis following this sect then propogated Mr Ravi shankar as a guru, spiritual leader and lead other younger Parsis into believing that salvation or reaching heaven or god was impossible without this guru.
    While on requesting the Parsi followers to learn their own, their excuse was that religion was the banana skin and Gurus teaching was the banana’..yet while taking shelter in Parsi colonies, the same would now lay no importance to Avesta and humbanagis, neglecting going to the agiary,defaming dasturs and ervads and overshadowing these by satsangs and panditjis.
    Though the Zoroastrian calender being devoid of weeks and each day represented by an ameshaspenta or yazad, the meaning of such overshadowed by a ‘shani’ or budh’

    There are many such sects and in India with many that claim to be minorities propogating their faith with zest of conversion , Hindusim also has to counter such threats.Thus Indian T.V has atleast a dozen channels promoting different gurus and different faiths.There are more gurus in modern India with large portion of lands in prime locations called ashrams in contrast to ancient India with gurus not needing an ashram more than a cave on a mountain top.

    While respecting other faiths is important, danger of fusing thru similarities posses a much bigger disrespect towards ones own…
    Somehow the question remains unanswered as to why the Khursheds could study and promote such techniques to parsis while the avesta, mino xrat, denkard and bundaishn rivayats etc etc lay un used, unlearnt snd thus un promoted

  • Urvax.Motafram

    I second the views expressed by Rustom Jamasji. How can the Parsee clergy take liberties to atttend such a conference which is antithetical to Zoroastran precepts.
    The priests who attended this conference ought to be severely repramanded.

  • phiroze

    It was an inter faith conference that these priests had gone to. It is not as if they went to learn the Art of living course or meditation. I see no reason for them to be repramended. In fact it is time now that our priests are more visible to counter the falacies spread by the likes of Madon, Moos and self appointed Zarathosti Zarathustra.

  • Urvax.Motafram

    Breathing techniques is a sort of yoga which is inconsistent with Zoroastrian Religioin.
    If I remember correctly, on this portal one Er Hathiram has elucidated why Parsees should not take to Yoga. Jamasji is very right. You better study properly before contradicting an upright Orthodox.

  • phiroze

    You sound more uptight than upright. Where is it written in the article that the priests went there to learn yoga or breathing techniques or for that matter anything else? They were just representing Parsis in an inter faith conference.

    I am a regular reader of what Ervard Hathiram writes on Frashogard. I also know these priests and they are doing more for our religion than most armchair activists here.

  • Urvax.Motafram

    I am neither uptight or claim to be upright as you assume falsely.
    Read carefully what Rustom Jamasji has said.”why the Khursheds could study and promote such techniques to Parsis while the Avesta, mino xrat, denkard and bundaishn rivayats etc etc lay un used, unlearnt and thus un promoted”
    Cultivate that spirit. Learn.
    If the Parsee priests only participated in a conference, then what did they show case about our own Religion. Nothing, right? Did they point out why Yoga is strict no no for Parsis?
    Are not Batliwala father & son Parsis?
    Did these priests disapprove of what Batliwalas are doing is not in consonance with our religious tenets?
    I am no armchair critic as insinuated by you. As for your words that you also know these priests and that they are doing more for our religion than most armchair activists here;all that I can say is that one of the concerned priest was instrumental in recent times of knowingly allowing a female who was no longer a Zoroastrian to be consigned to Doongerwadi.
    It seems that you have developed a habit of using indiscriminately adjectives against others . It is one thing to take reformists to task but you want to criticize even those who are staunch Orthodox. When will orthodox learn to speak in unison??

  • phiroze

    In your post of 24th you asked me to study properly before contradicting an upright orthodox and now you say I assumed it falsely. Am i using adjectives indiscriminately? How can I have team spirit and speak in unison when you keep changing your statements.
    Please name the priest you are accusing and question him about it openly. Do not fear to speak the truth.
    I was not there at the conference so I am unable to answer what was and was not said there.
    Yoga (poses) is fine as long as you do not practice breath control or chanting as per Ervad Hathiram and his Master. Not all agree to this like the Batliwalas so how are the priests to blame for it?
    i do not believe in double standards and speak for myself.