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October 7, 2005

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Parsi Khabar posted its 100th post yesterday.

The blog started as a small idea to highlight issues and events that concern the Parsis of India in particular and the Zoroastrian community at large around the world.

The Parsis have for the last 15 centuries called India their home. Escaping Islamic persecution in ancient Persia, they landed on the shores of western India, and since then havent looked back. Embracing the Indian way of life, be it in dress (saris) or food ( spices and flavours) the Parsis have given back to the society they live in, in large measures. At the forefront of industry and technology, commerce and trade, aviation, government and law, Parsis have been a very small but important community in the melting pot that is India.

The aim of Parsi Khabar is to be a sort of repository of links to articles on the world wide web that have anything to do with Parsis and their culture, traditions, history, social customs, food, et al.

More importantly it also address the issues that face the community today and takes a stand.

Of course we always agree to disagree amicably, and therefore opposing views are welcome.

As was mentioned in our very first post, we would love to print opinions, and articles from people all over, irrespective of whether they agree with our politics or not.

So if you want to express yourself, please email us with the article and we shall put it up for readers to comment on.

If you come across articles that you think should be included, send us a tip at tips[at]

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  1. Pseudo Secular

    Parsis left Persia because of “Islamic persecution”? Are you sure of that? I am confident that you are mistaken. Islam is a religion of peace (ROP). I am certain that there was some other reason. Perhaps the Parsis left their ancestral home just for the heck of it.

    Islam is perfect. How can you ever say such unkind things about Islam. Just see the Islamic countries in the world and you will see how wonderful Islam is.

  2. arzan sam wadia

    Pseudo Secular.

    Thanks for the sarcasm :):) !!

  3. neville

    Our forefathers were certainly wise. They left Persia at the right time to live in India. Can you imagine our plight if we were still living in Iran? Thank God they left!