Did Ratan Tata Pay Back a Parsi Debt to Gujarat ?

In a sort of coup d’etat Narendra Modi got the Nano Car manufacturing plant to Sanand, Gujarat.

I despise Narendra Modi’s politics of hate and his questionable human rights record. However I have been observing how he has made Gujarat into a powerhouse state when it comes to agriculture or industry. Gujarat has prospered a lot under Modi, and the Nano project going there is a testament to his wielding prowess over all aspects of governance there.

Ratan Tata, also defined what leadership, conviction, and morals and ethics are in today’s world. Leadership in making sure that the safety of personnel is larger than profits or monetary investments.

There will be people who criticize Tata for going to Gujarat and siding with the Modi Government, and therefore supporting its stance especially against the Muslims. However I think in some mystic way he is repaying the thanks of the Parsi community, who all those centuries ago were welcomed with open arms by the King of Gujarat. Ratan may not have had this in mind when he decided to move to Gujarat, but I am sure there is some destiny at play here.

Hopefully the Nano will now zip off the assembly line without any roadblocks.

  • Arzoo Irani

    The chief minister Narendra Modi related a 100-year-old incident, when Ratan Tata’s grandfather, Jamshedji Tata had helped Gujarat by donating Rs 1,000 during a famine to save cattle. Narendra Modi said he was welcoming Tata/Nano back – could be a reciprocation to his grandfather’s kind gesture towards Gujarat. Lesson to learn – The give and take will continue as long as we respect our peers, their intentions and the legacy they have left behind due to which the well settled Parsis in India encouraged and gave confidence to the Iranian Zoroastrians to continue to practice their religion though the real rituals were taken away by the Shah, in exchange for other secular reliefs towards Zoroastrians, then demanded from Iran by the West, much against the wishes of the local populace. We found some equality but sad we lost a culture in Iran with the closure of the dokhmas and opening of places of worship to non Zoroastrians. At least existing Zoroastrians there came out in the open with their religios values intact.I hope `give and take’, and `respect for our forefathers and each other’ is a legacy we leave behind for future generations.

  • rustom

    The line ‘There will be people who criticize Tata for going to Gujarat and siding with the Modi Government, and therefore supporting its stance especially against the Muslims’ makes one ponder how this becomes a hindu..v/s muslims thingy….

    The majority have sheltered the Zoroastrians, allowed us to practise our faith , helped us to preserve it and has coexisted with us…
    The Gujrat govt.s gesture by naming a Bridge with F.M Maneckshaw’s name also proves that they respect us…not merely for vote banks…

    The majority have accepted all faiths for atleast 3000 years…and only now feel frustrated by those who want to change demography thru religion and culture by conversions in India be it bombing terrorists or sugar coated missoneries…

    Our own history shows us the reason for taking shelter in India…again, sugar coated missoneries and sword veilding goons.both their end results being the same….ending the other religion…

    In India Zoroastrians would do well keeping away from those who want to change the culture and religion of the majority..as the ones trying these stunts wont be as hospitable in coexisting with zoroastrianism. This has been shown from the desperation to christanise /islamise Persia and the world.. even today

  • Ronnie Patel

    Ratan Tata is an indian first & what do you mean by saying that he paid a tribute to gujrat as a parsee? May i ask you one simple question What has the Today’s generations of Parsees done for Gujarat & specialy for India? What ever was done by the past generations of Noble Parsees that has been destroyed by the present generation of Parsees by fighting among themselves.
    I am realy unhappy & equaly ashamed to be called a parsees.
    I used to helped many poor parsees by taking their cause to the Noble man like Jimmy Guzder & used to help many poor parsees get a house or a job by taking their cause to jimmy guzder but what i got in returned Abuses & kicks in my ass by the same community members & equaly by the same persons whom i had given help & shelter in my own house during their bad times so as to make Ration Cards in their names on the same address of my house & to take shares of Reputed Companies on my own address without even informing me or my families.This is the way the present parsees are repaying the goodwill.
    I am happy that i am going to get married to a hindu woman who has two daughters even they are not trusting the parsees as he same person has tried to sullied my would be daughters name by saying such things that even a devil will not say such ugly words.
    Lastly i would like to say that the main culprit is our own Parsee Panchyat if they stops all the freebes like cheap houses to all the parsees tha only our community boys will start studying harder & will then only our girls will marry within the community as the our boys are not studying & are not willing to work harder even in their jobs.
    I do hope that our parsees men & women wake up before it is too late that even god will not be able to save our own religion.
    With malice towards none.

  • Cherag Kelawala

    Tata thought it fit and apt to shift Gujarat because of best infrastructure available here. Ofcourse, vision of Shri Narendra Modi and his swift decision and working style has also contributed to make this possible. Why should we question Shri Narendra Modi’s politics or past record. In our country every politician is unclean, corrupt and some even acting aginst the interest of our country. In this circumstances, Narendra Modi is far far better then above all these petty politicians. Ratan Tata is a businessman and therefore obviously he must have taken the decision with his business acumen.

  • shahzad vasaigara

    I agree 110% with Mr.Ronnie Patel.It’s been almost 10 years and every sunday the only thing I keep on noticing in Jame Jamshed is the battle between innumerable individuals and groups over the silliest of issues left to discuss in today’s time.I feel really sad to say but if we were to judge our own performance as a community in recent times, we have fared very badly and spoiled so much of the hardwork done by our forefathers to make this country and the community strong. Hope more and more people start taking these issues seriously or else the doom is inevitable.


    Thank you Ratan ,for taking NANO project to GUJARAT,and may be someday JAGUAR and LAND-ROVER TO MAHARASHTRA also.We the PARSIS OF INDIA should never ever give up doing what’s right for INDIA. Small in numbers we are, but bigger and better things we will always do.Lest we forget GUJARAT and INDIA accepted us as refugees a THOUSAND years before any so called western democracy’s or the U.N.mandated it. I for one will always remain a proud INDIAN first ZARATHOSTI PARSI next.