Two trains to stop at Sanjan in special arrangement on ‘Sanjan Day’

sanjan_memorial_column_001Western Railway has given special stoppage of two scheduled trains Flying Rani(up) and Gujarat Express(down) at south Gujarat’s Sanjan railway station on 18th and 19th of November on the occasion of ‘Sanjan Day’, which is attended by thousands of Parsi community members from all over the world.

To commemorate the historic landing of the Parsis on the Indian soil at Sanjan, 1294 years ago, the Parsi residents of Sanjan will be celebrating Sanjan Day of this year on 18 November.

Located between Mumbai and Surat, Sanjan is a legendary place in the history of the Parsi community. When the Parsi’s first landed on the port of Sanjan, it was the kingdom of Jadi Rana. The King, apprehensive of tall, fair and warrior like foreigners sent a bowl full of milk, implying that there was no place for the Parsis in his kingdom. The leader and High Priest of Parsi community, Dastoor Neryosang Dhaval added sugar to the milk and sent the bowl back to the king. This action implied that just as sugar mixed with milk added taste and flavour to it, Parsi’s will mix with the local people and be an asset to the kingdom.

Sanjan Day is celebrated to remember the reverence and gratitude the noble Hindu king Jadi Rana who gave us shelter in his kingdom, Dastooran Neryosang Dhaval who led us here and our forefathers for their untold sacrifices to preserve our religion.

The Parsis will also celebrate the 90th anniversary of Memorial Column built to preserve the advent. Contact on local phone numbers: 2576229, or 2576459 for contributions to funds needed to run the Dharamshala and to preserve the Sanjan Memorial Column, beautification of the precincts and protection property.

Reported in Desh Gujarat

  • Rajesh chouhan

    My best wishes to all my parsi brothers and sisters for the sanjan day.please accept my wishes.

  • Zarathushtra Zarthosti

    Must read article dated 19/11/10 published in DNA
    page no.3

    Conversion issue mars Sanjan Day celebrations

    This is what money can do, Blinded but their grip on various institutes and sucessfull shutting down the voices of the local press, by means of take overs and buying out some others. The prominent businessman from Ahmedabad talked about in it is non other then Mr. Areez Khambhata, Now WAPIZ even think that they are superior then our Vada Dasturs and tries to teach them a thing or two.