Upcoming Events at the Everlasting Flame Program in New Delhi


April 29, 2016

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Dr. Shernaz Cama the head of the PARZOR Foundation informs us….

“As we enter this Phase of the Everlasting Flame Programme we look forward to having you with us .

Please see the attachments below and plan on being with us , either to learn more about the history of the founding of New Delhi or Curating an Exhibition or even Irani Cafes. Sooni Taraporewala ‘s exhibition opens at the IIC and will offer you her insights on the community.

Come and enjoy a movie  and if you have never seen a Parsi Natak, please quickly make your booking for the crazy comic world of Parsi Theatre. Yazdi Karanjia, a living legend and his troupe from Surat will be with us for the play which ran for 350 shows -some years ago.

Do plan on some enjoyable evening experiences.”

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26 april Delhi Parsis Rusi Sorabjee and Sabeena Gadihoke