Oh, for the love of beautiful, embroidered Gara


November 12, 2010

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In a bid to bring back the popularity of Gara — the intricately embroidered saree on Chinese silk — the Parsi community has thought of a new method: Help the young learn draping the traditional attire.

By Ashutosh Shukla / DNA India

The Zoroastrian Youth for Next Generation (ZYNG), the youth wing of Bombay Parsi Punchayet, will hold a day-long workshop to help young Parsi girls drape the intricately embroidered Gara and Tanchoi sarees. The workshop will be conducted on November 21.

For over 100 years, these sarees which may weight up to 750 grams, have been an integral part of Parsi women’s wardrobe and a must-wear attire for them on Navroj and in occasions like marriages. However, with changing times and trends, their usage, at least among the younger ladies, has thinned. Another reason for this is that the young generation who is so used to the fast and easy way of dressing up, find it cumbersome to drape these beautiful pieces of works.

“We have noticed that many girls avoid these sarees because they find it difficult to drape it around themselves,” said Tashan Mistree, member of ZYNG and a part of the ensuing workshop.

“The idea of the workshop germinated when one day I managed to wear a saree in a particular style and a lot of people enquired about it. Since I also wanted to know about the other styles in which I can wear it, we thought of having a workshop around this time when the Parsi wedding season kicks off,” said Zahrina Kohla, another ZYNG member.

The workshop will have someone who can help the participants with different styles of draping the sarees. It will also engage a make-up artist.

“The girls fumble with the pallu and the plates that takes away the charm of the saree as almost all the embroidery is around that area,” said Perinaz Irani, ex-airhostess and grooming instructor at Kingfisher Airlines and a ZYNG member.

“These days Parsis are trying bright colours compared to the off-white and pale ones they wore earlier. The make-up will help them carry themselves according to the saree colour and the event’s timing and type,” said Arshis Javeri, a make-up artist.