Navsari Parsi community celebrated the traditional ghee-khichdi to bring rain


June 15, 2023

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The nature-loving Parsi community who settled in India from Iran are still preserving their heritage, like the Shravana month of Hindus, the Khichdi program for rejoicing Varsarani with spirituality in the holy Bahman month is still being preserved and still clinging to the traditional love of nature.

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What is the tradition of Parsi society?

According to a legend, there was a famine in Switzerland in 1801. Then the Parsi community of Navsari went from house to house cooking dal rice, ghee and feeding it to the dogs to indulge the rain. From that day Ghee Khichdi festival is celebrated only in Navsari. The Parsi community, which is considered kind and peaceful, follows this tradition of worshiping Varsha Rani every year in the month of Bahman for the peace of the whole world and for sustaining human life. The tradition of Zoroastrian society has been going on for years to indulge Barsha Rani with the auspicious wish that food can survive only if there is food, so that grains will grow only in rainy years and human beings can survive on earth. Parsi society has sustained it even today.


What is the significance of this celebration?

The youth of the Parsi community of Navsari today continue the age-old tradition of their forefathers. Today the youth of the Parsi community celebrate Bahman Masa. Youngsters start preparing for the celebration from morning. In which the brothers of the Parsi society give rice, oil and dal to the youth of their society. These youths make ghee-khichdi from the collected material and treat it. According to the information, more than 1000 Parsis gather and celebrate this Bahman Masa. Just like Shravan month is important in Hindus, Bahman month is also important in Parsi society. The youth gather together and sing a song to appease Varundev.