December 14, 2008

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By Shanaya Lalkaka for DNA India

Sooni Taraporevala’s Little Zizou is busy making the rounds of film  festivals and will hit Mumbai theatres soon, reports Shanaya Lalkaka

soon_taraporewala Sooni Taraporevala’s directorial debut Little Zizou has done well at all the film festivals in which it has been screened so far. Come February 2009, Mumbaikars will get a chance to watch this film when it releases in the city.

Sooni says, “We have shown the film in New York, Italy, Washington DC, Goa and Singapore. Next we plan to screen the movie in Delhi and Kerala, which would be followed by its release in Mumbai.”

Often thought to be a chronicler of the Parsi community, Sooni says, “I have been a screen writer for about 20 years and have written about 20 scripts, out of which only six got produced. Of those six, except for my book and Such A Long Journey, there has been no Parsi content. So I won’t say that the subject is something that I concentrate on.” 

The movie talks of themes like love and tolerance, something that Sooni believes is relevant in today’s time. She says people who knew nothing about Parsi’s have been roaring with laughter. “But,” she continues, “The responses so far have had nothing to do with the religion so much as with the story.” 

Sooni is all praise for her cast and crew who have made her directorial debut a dream come true. Even her son and daughter, Jahan and Iyanah Bativala who debut as actors in the movie were very supportive. “The kids were the easiest part of directing because they knew I did not want any artifice and they were comfortable in front of the camera.”
Busy studying on the eve of their exams, the children receive good news. Both Jahan and Iyanah have been nominated for best actor and actress at the Singapore’s Asian Festival of First Films.

Thirteen-year-old Jahan is up against Farhan Akhtar for his performance in Rock On. But Sooni is quick to cut short any questions on a future acting career for the children as she says, “This was just a one-off thing. This is not a career option for them, atleast until they grow up and are able to make their own choices.”