Bawas and Bollywood


March 23, 2006

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Bawas and Bollywood

A quick quiz question: Which dialogue is probably Bollywood’s most memorable line after Shashi Kapoor’s ‘Mere paas maa hai’ from Deewar and Amjad Khan’s ‘Kitne aadmi thhe’ from Sholay?

The answer is ‘Tumhara khoon khoon aur hamara khoon paani’ from Yahudi.

And the man who delivered that line was Sorab Modi, who is synonymous with Parsi actors in the Hindi film industry.

In the early 1950s, this Parsi legend ruled the Indian film industry with his signature dialogue delivery.

Though no other Parsi actor has even come close to reach Modi Saab’s legendary status, Bollywood has not shied away from making films on Parsi subjects.

Here’s a quick look at the connection between Parsis and Bollywood.

Being Cyrus

The film, which is adapted from a short story by Kersi Khambatta, has the tag line: ‘Who you let in can change your life.’ It is directed by Homi Adajania, another Parsi.

It’s about this guy Cyrus, played by Saif Ali Khan, recounting a bizarre chapter in his life when he lands up at the doorstep of the Sethna family.

All the family members are completely weird and have their own agendas.

They all try to use Cyrus as a pawn to carry out their dreams without realising that Cyrus has his own agenda.

It’s a challenging film for Saif, and not just because it’s an English language film.

Obviously the film is aimed at multiplexes and an elite audience, it would be interesting to see if it can make it big at the box office.