Deena Mistri Campus: A Film by Jamsheed Mistri


January 25, 2013

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header Jamsheed Mistri, a sixth grader from Covington Elementary School in the Los Altos School District submitted the film below as part of a submission to the LASD Film Festival 2013

Deena Mistri Campus was launched in 2012.The campus is being built in Korangi, an impoverished area of Karachi which would serve children who would otherwise not have the opportunity

for any education.

The school will be dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Deena Mistri, who dedicated 62 years of her life to the cause of education. She started teaching in 1945 and semi-retired in 2004 from B.V.S. At the time of her death, Mrs. Mistri was Chairperson of Westminster School and College and a consultant at The Accel School in Karachi. Throughout her career and on numerous occasions, she anonymously donated money in order to keep a needy child in school.

The B.V.S. Alumni Association has dedicated the campus to her and to be named the "Deena Minoo Mistri Campus".

With overwhelming support for this noble cause, enough funds were generated for the purchase of an 1-acre plot and the construction of the first Primary School unit.

The Fundraising Goal for 2013:
The goal for 2013 is to build two Primary sections. A 2 Unit Primary School will accommodate 360 children. The total cost of building 2 Units of Primary classes and operating it for the first academic year is $294,000. We are short $165,000 to complete this phase of the project. We need your help!!

Future Expansion 2014-2015:
The long term goal is to build a full primary and secondary school. Once completed and operational the school would have the capacity to educate 1440 students (720 children studying in the morning and afternoon shift each).

Quality education is the biggest need in Pakistan. Once we educate these children we can change an entire community. No donation is too small. Even if you can spare $1, $100, or more – please contribute generously and help those that are less fortunate – specially young minds that are full of potential.

Mail Checks to: The Citizens Foundation, USA, 2425 Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 20007. The check should be made out to TCF-USA, but please note “for Deena Mistri Campus” in the memo section. Or go this website to donate by credit card:

TCF-USA is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) US charity which supports education for underprivileged Pakistani children.