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Five Parsi Films by Kaevan Umrigar

Kaevan Umrigar, is a recent graduate from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.

The Zoroastrian Youth Association of Poona is screening FIVE PARSI FILMS, five short films on contemporary Parsi issues Kaevan made during his four years at the Institute.

The films are:

1. Dadar Ormaj, maney jaldi bolaavo (15min)
(short fiction)
A lonely old Parsi man finds he has nothing at all to live for and decides that he wants to die

2. Bedpan (3min)
(short fiction)
An unmarried Parsi woman realises why she has begun to hate her bedridden father

3. Invisible Parsis: The poor of a prosperous community (23min)
Most Parsis look through them; most others have never seen them. A document on the lives of poor Parsis.

4. Non-Parsi (11min)
(short fiction)
A Parsi girl’s decision to marry outside the community throws her parents’ lives out of gear.

5. Parsi Wada, Tarapore – Present Day (22 min)
What will the future of the Parsis of Bombay be like? Will it be like their present in Tarapore?

Date: Saturday 20th May 2006
Venue: Padumjee Hall, Kadmi & Shehenshahi Anjuman Dar-e-Meher, Corner of Synagogue Street and Sachapir Street, Pune 1.
Time: 7:00 PM
Entry Free – Open to All

If any Parsi association or individual is interested in organising a public screening of these films in other cities, please contact Kaevan at