Gujjus to the fore, again


November 21, 2005

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Come November 25 and Sony’s Batliwala’s House No 43 has a new family moving into the famous address. A set of orthodox but flashy Gujaratis, the Kudkudiyas are all set to tickle your funny bone. Though the format of the show remains the same, the team of actors and set-up is completely new. Screen catches up with the producer and the brain behind this wacky show…

The quirky Parsis who inhabited House No 43 for almost one year are vacating the place to make way for a set of orthodox but flashy Gujaratis. Called The Kudkudiya, the new family comprises Mansukhlal Trivedi, his wife Dayaben, son Hitesh and daughter Urmilaben. Dilip Joshi, Dimple Ghosh, Siddhartha and Nimisha Vakharia, all seasoned TV and theatre actors have been roped in to play the funny foursome. In keeping with the Gujaratis flair for business, the house will now also include a farsan shop, a Gujju speciality. Celebrities coming onto the show will be treated to this tasty mix before the host tries to dig out exciting masala from them

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