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Iran: The Forgotten Glory: DVD

Fars_Iran_The forgotten_glory_DVD Iran: The Forgotten Glory is a two part DVD Movie about the Persia of yore.

Shot in over 60 locations in the province of FARS and 5 years in the making, “IRAN, The Forgotten Glory” is the first independent documentary film series taking the audience on a journey into the depths of ancient Persian civilization, capturing the majesty and the splendor of the Achaemenid and Sassanid empires and their influence on world history, religion, art and culture by revealing the ancient tales hidden in the ruins and reliefs which exist today as a testament to their legacy.”

Below is a clip of the movie.

[flv:http://parsikhabar.net/wp-content/video/farsmovie.flv 500 368]

This is the official website of the movie and you can purchase the DVD’s here.