Jamshed Irani Films the Everlasting Flame Exhibitions


August 2, 2016

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Jamshed Farhad Irani was one of a handful of Parsi youth who visited New Delhi to see the seminal exhibitions under The Everlasting Flame Program put together by PARZOR.

The video link  was sent to us in the newsletter of the Karachi Zoroastrian Banu Mandal. The video has been created by Jamshed Farhad Irani single-handedly and with very limited resources so that KZBM readers (and others) have a glimpse of the exhibitions.

Do encourage Jamshed by leaving a comment on the webpage by signing in with your gmail ID, or write to him at jfarhadirani@gmail.com

KZBM appreciates Jamshed’s effort and outcome of his video.